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Hey hey guys and gals. For all of my fellow vapers out there who prefer to run rda's but don't like the hassle of building coils, I have found an amazing builder who sells pre made coils. www.feenzofficial.com sells some phenominal pre made coils, I bought 2 sets of the Alien Framed Staples back in April. 1 of those pairs I ended up trashing when dry burning to clean them, the other set I have been using constantly since I bought them. Even though I have ran through 800 ml+ worth of juice on this set of coils, they still perform like when I got them on day one. Now granted the Aliens are pricey @$15 a set, I feel it is worth it because the perform phenominally. Also I can't build anything other than parallels or twisted, so for me it is worth the money in the long run.7950730ad713f95aa31e0931f50a1d88.jpgb7286a34235b5ada81ae8a5328d2b6c0.jpg

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sounds interesting, shen.....
I dont use my RDA very often,  mostly because it's just a deal when I want to change flavors and stuff but I wouldn't mind having a stash of premade for special occasions
I can understand that Bebop, and that is always a good thing to have some on hand. I highly reccomend these coils 100%
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