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Ohms law related question


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I did some calculating on a couple of websites after I built my ugly handrolled Clapton seen in image 3 below in my H-atty rda for use with my eleaf iStick power 80w, and it turned out to be a .62 ohm build. As seen in image 2 I've calculated mAh to Ah to see what to enter for amps in the calculator seen in picture one, to attempt to figure out how many watts I should push, based on my iSticks battery. Is my math accurate? And does this equal to a reccamended watt setting or limit? Or am I missing something or using the wrong calculators?


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Not quite what you need.  Mah is a measurement of how much current the battery should hold.  This measurement will help you analyze how long the charge in a battery will last.  It has little to do with how many amps the battery can discharge or calculating the power delivered to a coil.  As @squid mentioned, 35 to 30 watts delivered to a .5Ω coil is a pretty average setting.  There really is no simple way to calculate what wattage to set a mod at.  The best procedure is start with a low wattage and slowly increase that wattage until you find a "sweet spot" for the coil.  Higher wattage will cause your vape to loose flavor and start drying out.  For the most part your mod should be regulated well enough to take care of any math regarding keeping it's battery in a safe operating range.  I'm not real familiar with your mod but I would imagine it will provide up to 7 Volts.  If that is true, you can apply up to the full 80 watts and not hurt the mod.  The vape will probably be terrible as that is a lot of power being pumped into a .62Ω coil. 


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Here's a little detail on mah.

5000 mah = 5 Ah (amp hours)  if you multiply that times 60 you get 300 amp minutes.  Multiply that times 60 again and you get 18000 amp seconds.  Now, if you are drawing 10 amps from your battery for a three second puff you have just used 30 Amp seconds.  Per that calculation you could get 600 puffs from that battery.  

And now the rest of the story.

Batteries are almost always over rated.  Actual mah is lower.

Batteries get different actual mah life spans depending on how many amps are drawn.

Mods will only discharge a battery so far.  Average is down to about 3V.  

A more realistic estimate would be maybe 150 to 200 puffs from a decent battery.  

If you really want to understand batteries look up Battery Mooch on google.  He tests batteries for vaping and has a lot of information published.  

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My guess on the way they come up with the recommended range is a dart board........ I personally have very rarely if ever found the recommended range to work for me. For example, I run my baby beast with the .4ohm coil around 30-35 watts depending on the juice. 40 is too high for me.

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