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  1. Oh, and coils are rated by shop to be .25s and equal .17 together
  2. I'm using prebuilt alien V2s made of SS. H-atty rda and eleaf istick power 80w. Maxed out watts first hit or two has an absurd 2 1/2 3 second ramp time, ramps immediately after I warm it up though, how can I fix this?
  3. Is it dangerous to use kanthal and stainless steel? If not. I have a stainless steel alien v2. Do you think wrapping it in kanthal would decrease rampup time?
  4. The box(or a website you can order it from) generally have an ohm limit rating. If you can find it on directvapor.com and read the description it will tell you your ohm limits Sent from my LGL52VL using Vapor Talk Forum mobile app
  5. Thank you guys for helping me out with this, I was just trying to figure out how pre made attys gain a reccamended range like the baby beast 0.4ohm 40-60 range
  6. I did some calculating on a couple of websites after I built my ugly handrolled Clapton seen in image 3 below in my H-atty rda for use with my eleaf iStick power 80w, and it turned out to be a .62 ohm build. As seen in image 2 I've calculated mAh to Ah to see what to enter for amps in the calculator seen in picture one, to attempt to figure out how many watts I should push, based on my iSticks battery. Is my math accurate? And does this equal to a reccamended watt setting or limit? Or am I missing something or using the wrong calculators?
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