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Smok NAno starter kit 80w

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i have the smok nano starter kit 80w recently purchased as moved onto vaping from smoking a hell load of cigarettes

i see a lot of people substitute  there tanks and change the tank to a diff type rather than the original tank that comes with in this instance the smok nano  starter kit tank

i used the original tank etc now have moved onto aspire clito 0.4ohms yet i prime the coils as i was advised yet the flavour produced is poor i am vaping evil cloud summer syrup ...

is there any other tanks that i can try along side the coil offering within those tanks as the aspire clito 0.4ohms tank/coil is producing vape yet the flavour of the liquid is not pulling thru vaping at 45watts

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Try this routine with the Clito before you give up on it.  Set your mod low, say at 30W.  Have a vape.  Turn it up a few watts e.g. 33W.  Have a vape.  Keep doing this and you should experience the flavor getting better and being best at some point.  When you pass that point and increased wattage starts causing the flavor to diminish, simply go back to the best setting. 

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