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Alien vs Predator


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Here goes- shopping for a new 200w dual battery VW/TC mod. I like the look and feel of the predator and love the fire button/feel of both the Alien & Predator- but I don't really like SMOK mods. Is there anything else (like Eleaf iKunn but yuk) with same type of firing button/ panel but a bit of a nicer user interface? Or do I just suck it up and get the predator already?


Cheers folks.

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My experience with the Predator was dismal.  I bought two in quick succession because I liked the look and the fire bar.  The first one to bite the dust was due to the 510 popping out of the case.  I have heard Wismec has fixed that issue.  The second one would fire, stop firing, start again and so on mid vape.  Made me nuts.  One is now part of a ski slope (What we do with garbage dumps) and the other got cannibalized to fix an Hcigar.  I also have a Smok Alien with no paint on it.   All in all I would not recommend either device especially for TC.  I did not enjoy TC until I tried it on Yihi and DNA mods.  The difference is vivid.  Downside, neither come with fire bars.  The Lost Vape Triade DNA 250 is a wonderful device.  Element Vape is having a sale right now for just over $100.00.  Not sure about shipping to Australia.  If you can swing it the difference between the Lost Vape and either the Alien or Predator is night and day.  Construction, finish, and function are top notch on the Triade.  The Lost Vape DNA 166 is also a great device but limited to 167 Watts.  In the Yihi line both the SX mini Q mini and the G class are amazing devices.  They are pricey however, and again no fire bars.  The SX mini will only accommodate a 22mm atty therefore the recommendation of the SX mini Q mini other than that the two are very similar. 

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