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Popping like that cereal....


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I got some cotton from a different source than normal and all of a sudden it seems every build (no matter the ohms) pops like the dickens I even tried different juices. The coils are the same build that I have been using for months and it just started... Is a there a cotton that's more prone to this than others?

Ideas..Suggestions.... I already ordered my normal cotton but in the mean time I'm curious.

I hate to get rid of it but I'm about to put in my teenagers bathroom for makeup removal it's making me that crazy.

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Sounds like the cotton is over-wicking and flooding the coil?  You might try re-wicking with a thicker piece... one that fits more snug in the coil and that might slow the wicking process (and the popping) because it is tighter in the coil?  Also, if the "wings" of the wick are causing the issue, using a thinner piece of cotton may do the trick as well... so there is less surface area of cotton and therefore less wicking on the sides.  Different brands of cotton wick differently... faster, slower, hold more per cubic-centimeter, etc.... so when you use a different brand, you have to play with the amount you use and the way you wick your coils.

Out of curiosity, what brand of cotton is giving you the issue?

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Happy New Year and thanks,

I'm not sure what kind of cotton it is except my local B&M included it in the package when I got my Relexau 2/3 kit on points. It also came with coils and a Billow V3  It just says organic Japanese cotton. It's puffier/thicker than I've used before, maybe airier/less dense is a good way to explain it. It tastes fine, though it does sound like a bowl of Rice Crispies ...Snap Crackle and Pop :)

I'll try using a thicker piece but it was fairly snug when I put it in. I know my other cotton gets here on Friday, so I'm sure I'll live but this is the first time I have had this happen, so I was wondering if it's unusual.

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