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Red, White or Blue Dragon


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My neighbor gave me this recipe and I tried hers and it was smooth,sweet and rich.( I'm not sure if it's her personal creation or if she got it somewhere else ) I haven't made it yet I'm waiting on my dragon fruit to arrive. She said to let it steep a couple of days and shake often.

Start with your favorite PG/VG base:

All flavors are TFA

6% Blueberry or Cherry

6% Dragon-fruit

3% Butter or Butter cream

4% Cheesecake

2% Sweet Cream

up to 2% Sweetener




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wrong percentage-now corrected
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5 hours ago, VapeMama said:

I'm a dragonfruit fan. I'm gonna try this when my Wizard Labs order gets here. I'll probably leave out the butter, just not my thing.



Let me know how it turns out please :) 

I have a shopping cart full of stuff waiting for a payday with wizard labs. I like that you can get a bunch of different flavor vendors all in one place there.

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