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Ideas for new set up.

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Wow, that is a real open ended request.  What's your criteria for "good"?  There are some real prestigious mech mods out there.  As mentioned Yihi is a quality mass produced regulated mod.  The Evolve DNA PCB offers great performance and can be found in Lost Vape mods, HCigar mods, as well as others.  WhiteRose mods are hand made and guaranteed for life.  The guy that makes these uses an number of different configurations from Mech to DNA.  He will work with your design regarding esthetics.  I have an old Eleaf Pico in stainless steel and it is holding up very well.  A good example of a "good" mod that is not expensive.  I've had good experiences with Vaperesso.  I also have a Kangertech and a Council of Vapor that I like a lot.  I've go an IPV8 that the paint chips off of and the battery door likes to flop open, but I put a silicone band around the bottom of it and enjoy using it.  Real good pcb and a very solid case, battery door withstanding. 

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