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Revamped Fadora Vapors Message Board Contest


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I have spent the last week revamping the message board at Fadora Vapor. It is now geared towards DIY E-Liquid. I still have a lot to do when it comes to posting content, but I will be adding a lot in the coming weeks. To kick off the opening of the new board I'm going have a contest. This contest will be for a basic DIY kit. 120ml PG, 120ml VG, 50ml Nicotine Bases, 5 10ml flavors of your choice (limited to what we have on hand), a 1-3-5 and 10ml Syringe w/ assorted blunt needles, a 5-10 and 30ml plastic needle bottle, and couple surprise goodies.

To enter you will need to go over to the Fadora Vapor message board and register. Once you do make a post in the Fadora Vapor Contest Thread and your in. So, Got register for your chance to win some DIY Goodies! :D


Note: During the upgrade all the members that were there, were lost. :( I tried to covert it over to the new board and it all crashed. I have a backup of the old posts, but no way of recovering the members and their registrations. Please head over to the new board and re-register even if you do not want to enter the contest.


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I was hoping a few more DIYers here would have jumped on this. :D Maybe I need to post what you could win ;)

This is what you could win:

120ml PG Base
120ml VG Base
50ml of Nicotine Base (Your choice of strength up to 100mg)
1ml Syringe w/Blunt Needle
3ml Syringe w/Blunt Needle
5ml Syringe w/Blunt Needle
10ml Syringe w/Blunt Needle
5ml Plastic Needle Bottle
10ml Plastic Needle Bottle
30ml Plastic Needle Bottle
5 10ml flavors of your choice (limited to what we have on hand)
A couple surprise goodies.

This is a lot of stuff for a DIYer to add to what you have or enough to get anyone started. :D

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