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I hate when that happens.  That's why I have a new iStick 40 TC...

I think it's the Eleaf batteries that are prone to doing this.  :D

All's good though. I have a couple of wraps that didn't have an iStick 50W to stick to so... 

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Well for the price, they are so hard to beat.  I am really liking my new one, it is just a bit underpowered.  I am doing pretty big lung hits and to me it seems a bit anemic.  Which is strange, I am only using 30 watts on my Zero Mod.

I may pick up a few more when they get in the sub $30 range (if they do) they will be great backups, and PIF mods.

Have you tried the 1.5 coil yet?

Don't forget to wet it before you install it...I ruined my last one the other night...

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I just ordered 10 of the 1.5 ohm vertical coils. They should be here by Thursday. So far I've tried the .05 ohm and 1.2 ohm, neither of which I like at all. I'm hoping the added resistance of the 1.5 ohm coil will make a difference. I've been very careful to wet the wick before inserting into the tank and letting it sit for quite a while before vaping to make sure I don't fry the cotton.  Sorry to hear about your last coil...  :)

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It was actually one I was going to PIF.  I still have a few .15 nickel coils for backups.  I really hope this tank works for you!  It is definitely my favorite up to this point.

Even if it doesn't, I've found a very big surprise: the KPT 3 mini with a single 1.8 ohm coil delivers almost as good performance as the HH.357. One I could live with anyway and much cheaper!  :)

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