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Being a vet I found this awesome

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(Admin move if I'm in the wrong)

How YOU Can Help


A lot of people ask us; how can I get involved and help out?

Well, it depends! There are TONS of ways to help support our mission!

For Retailers:

1. If you’re a Brick and Mortar Retailer consider carrying Bottle Ready to Vape Liquids. 100% of the profits made from the sale of BRV Liquids are donated to the Vape a Vet Project and are used to fund the purchase of kits, pay for shipping, and cover the cost of outreach and support.

2. If you’re a Juice Manufacturer, you can make a special flavor and use our logo on it and donate a portion of sales of that particular flavor to the project. It’s a really neat way to show vapers that you support the cause, and it really helps!

3. For Juice Manufacturers and Mod Makers, you can always donate to the care packages we send monthly. We separate, package and distribute numerous care packages every month to soldiers around the world at no cost to them. Items donated must be new, unopened and not expired. (We treat e-juice similar to food, you wouldn’t donate a half eaten hamburger to someone would you?)

4. If you’re an online retailer, consider making a coupon code with a matching donation. We suggest using the code VAPEAVET and maybe giving the individual 5% off their order with a 5% matching donation. It’s a great chance to do a little more while offering a chance for your customers to save some money.

For Vapers:

1. The single easiest way of supporting the project is by supporting BRV Liquids. Since that’s one of the main funding mechanisms for Vape a Vet, it’s a really easy way of supporting the Project by doing something you already do! You already vape, why not do a little more with the same money you’re already spending. Vape for a Cause!

2. Talk to your local retailers, tell them about what we’re doing and ask them why they aren’t involved (if they aren’t). If they are involved give them a high 5 on us! Or, if that’s not the cool thing to do now, maybe a fist bump? I dunno, I’m not that cool.

3. Spread the word! If you have family or friends who are serving or who have served who are current tobacco users, let them know about this amazing chance to give vaping a chance at no cost to them.

Thank you for everything that you do as a community, we couldn’t do it without you!

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This sounds like an INCREDIBLY worthy cause. I know that oh, 22 years ago (lemme do the math, no 23 years ago), one couldn't smoke in Basic Training - but that didn't stop a person from lighting up after Basic was over, but that didn't stop a person from lighting up after Basic was over.

I'll mention this program to the vape shops I frequent.

BTW, I LOVE the brand name of the juices - a take off of MREs.

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