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I had done a yahoo search on the above title and after registering I lost the initial Vape community.

So, here goes: most of the vaped were complaining about stuffy or runny nose issues. My initial search was to find if vaping would help a runny nose:

I haven't had any adverse effects from vaping as others have. Although new, I was a two pack a day cig smoker and I find I am vaping constantly. This isn't an issue - I just made a spot to put it down for a bit to take a break. I just wondered if it would help my cat that has cronic upper respiratory disease if smelling the second hand vapor might hel him breath better. He doesn't mind my vaping. If I smoke a real cig, he leaves the room. After this lengthy comment I wrote do you think it might help him breath better? It hasn't hurt me at all as it has others...

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