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Thoughts on the mod I made


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Hey guys, I'm new here, obviously, and I wanted to get some thoughts and suggestions on my first mod that I built, it has a 510 connector wired to 2 3.6v lithium ion batteries wired in series putting out about 7.5-8v to my single coil on my patriot clone. I'm not too sure how stable the batteries are because I simply had them laying around and thought that they would work well so that's why I'm only running a single 32 ga. Coil. A question I have is how low of ohms could I build my coil down to exactly. Any feedback would be much appreciated!


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Not be a ****.... but dude, with the uncertainty of your batteries and the question of how low ohms you can go... your the next news headline waiting to happen bro! I would be more concerned with getting batteries you could trust first. But to answer your question the amount of ohms you can go will depend on the amperage of your batteries. Figure out what the amperage is and do some research. Try not to blow your hand off in the mean time.

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