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Weight Loss

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I started vaping and quit smoking Nov 27,2013. At that time I weighed 245 lbs. Well, here I am almost 3 months later and no stinkies at 227 lbs! I'm not one who was ever overly concerned with my weight. I only step on the scale a couple times a year. But just a few minutes ago my wife commented that she thinks I'm losing weight. She somehow got me on the scale and .... WOW!!! 18lbs lighter!

Anyone else have this pleasant little side effect of vaping?

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I think the reason folks gain weight when they quit smoking is they tend to pick things up and put them in their mouths as a way to compensate for the hand to mouth routine of smoking. Since you replicate that motion and have the added process of maintaining you rig you should be able to keep your mind off of eating easier and weight loss should be a piece of cake. Congratulations on both . enjoy

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By the way, I got that weight in a short period. After one month, I noticed that I cannot zip my loose jeans anymore. I decided to substitute cigarettes with vaping, but it didn’t help me a lot. I wasn’t happy with my new look, but I also didn’t want to come back to smoking again. To lose weight, I decided to visit a doctor, and he explained that while a human smokes, his body doesn’t receive the full range of vitamins and micro-elements. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people gain weight after they quit smoking cigarettes. My doctor recommended me to keep معدل السكر في الدم. Personally, for me, the result was impressive. I’ve lost 10lbs in a short time.

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