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Smoktek.com - Bad Customer Service


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I'm with Tam...I think I'll steer clear of smoktek. Rob or whoever he is should have addressed this issue with you via email not via a forum. Especially since he obviously has no desire to remedy the situation. :wtf: Good CS...lol

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I also had a SERIOUS negative experience with SmokTek. Here's my story, which I've been plastering around the web to spread the word:

After shopping around for my first APV, I settled on the VAMO. I was a little worried about some forum comments about how VAMOs apparently have quality issues (liquid leeches into electronics, central pin fails, breaks if you sneeze on it), but it sounded like the newest model had fixed those issues. Almost all the best APV features at less than half the price of most competitors? I was sold! I went with SmokTek because their website seemed the most legit and everything that mentioned the VAMO also said to get it at SmokTek.


Here's a summary of my three customer service calls with them:

1) My first VAMO had unceremoniously lost its magic within DAYS of the warranty period expiring. It was still firing, but the output was WAY lower than it should have been. I had the power turned up all the way to 15 watts and it was barely enough to produce a puff of vapor. I explained this to the representative and he basically told me that I must have screwed it up by being a moron. He noticed that I had bought the Drunker RBA and told me that anyone other than an electrical engineer shouldn't be using RBA's and that's what probably did it. Other, more knowledgeable, people have told me he's full of it. He offered me a 15% discount on another VAMO and suggested I get a tank my puny mind could handle. He recommended a specific tank that he said used a special polymer fiber that would never burn under vaping. I told him that I'd go for the deal, but that if I had another issue with the new VAMO and the new tank, I would totally lose it.

2) I get my new VAMO and another month goes by before I start having problems again. Knowing about their 30-day warranty period, I made sure to call a few days before the deadline. I spoke to Justin, the manager of phone sales/customer service at SmokTek. I explained to him that I was starting to have output issues with my new VAMO and that, contrary to what the first guy said, the polymer in the new tank burned just as much as anything I've tried before. He apologized for the horrible service I'd received and told me that the guy I had spoken to had been fired. He sent me a new tank, which I like a lot, and I'm very thankful about that. He was extremely helpful and courteous. Before I got off the phone with him, I made it very clear that I was worried about continuing to use the VAMO past the warranty period because of what happened last time. He told me “Don't worry about that, AJ! Hopefully the new tank will work better for you and the output problem will be solved. If not, just call me in a week or two and I promise we'll take care of you!”

3) 2 weeks later, my new tank is amazing but my new VAMO bricks HARD. First it stopped recognizing connections with any of my tanks, then it must have popped a seal because it started bubbling liquid and the resistance meter was reading a short. Went from OK to useless in nothing flat. Again, a matter of DAYS after the warranty period ended. I call up SmokTek and get a new guy on the phone. I explain the situation to him and he tells me that he can't help me because the warranty's up. I explained to him that Justin promised to take care of me if my VAMO bricked because I had talked to him before the warranty expired. He says he'll call me back in a few minutes. He forgets. I call back the next day and he apologizes and says that, again, he'll call me back in a few minutes. He actually does this time and says he'll give me a 50% discount on a new one. I'm back and forth with them for a few hours on this and he tells me that the owner decided the problem was probably my fault. No explanation of HOW I could have messed up my 2 VAMOs or, if they're so easy to screw up, how to take care of them properly. This is also after he admits that they're sending replacement VAMOs out EVERY DAY to people who are within the warranty period. I didn't have the nerve to point out that maybe they're spending a lot of money on replacements because they're not very good products to begin with.

YMMV, but I think these guys are complete snakes. They have several hundred dollars of my money and every single call I've had with them they've fed me a line of lies. Will never buy from them again. Will tell all my friends to avoid them like the plague.

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