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How To Build A Easy Vv Dual 18650 Wood Mod (Images Heavy)


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As promised. Here is a tutorial for building a VV wood mod. Using a OKR-T 6 amp switching regulator, Voltage display and dual 18650 batteries. This one is highlighting the differences from the other tutorial I posted before. So If you have not read it (What the heck is wrong with you mad.png) here is a link to that post to reference back to.

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Here is what we are building






Parts List



Mad Vapes

510 Connector

18650 Batteries 2 at least

Voltage Display - Only if you want to mount a outside display on the mod. It can be monitored with a screw on display or multimeter. But it is much easier with it already on there.

Horn Switch


(2) Pairs Battery Spring Plates - Battery Spring Plate

Radio shack

PCB- Printed Circuit Board They have a few get the one that has a mix of 2,3,none, and continous connections between holes they sell

for aroung $2.50. Or if able to make your own.

Small magnets If needed

Digikey - Once again a big thank you to bstedh on the ECF forum for a great post and diagram. Here is a link if anyone wants to read

Easy OKR-T VV mod

OkR-T Switching Regulator comes in 3,6, and 10 amp sizes. I ordered a 6 amp for this one and a 3 amp for another mod. Very happy with both. Batteries last a lot longer than linear regulators.

Power Supplies - Board Mount | DC DC Converters | DigiKey

A 200 ohm Trimmer/Pot

3352T-1-201LF Bourns Inc. | 3352T-201LF-ND | DigiKey

A 200 ohm resistor - there is a discussion on the thread over what size resistor need to set upper voltage but went with recommended.

MRS25000C2000FRP00 Vishay BC Components | PPC200ZCT-ND | DigiKey

Home Depot

1/4"x 1 1/2" x 24" Hobby Board - I went with the alder on this one.

3/4" screen - once again you can use any scrap piece you already have.

20 to 22 gauge wire

Tools Needed Same as before See Previous Tut

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Cuts needed

Hobby Board

(4) 4 1/4" pieces look for interesting patterns and label front and back. Others label left and right.

(2) 2" pieces label top and bottom

(1) 1 1/2" Label Angle piece

3/4" screen

(1) 1 1/2" piece label support

(1) 1 1/4" piece label U

(2) 3" pieces label U

Once again feel free to substitute what you already have available for what is listed here.

First steps:































Hopefully I covered everything you need to make your own. But if you have any questions or see any safety concerns please fill free to post. Any and all Comments and or critiques are greatly appreciated.

Also if you do make one please post a picture for me.

With this regulator and these batteries It seems I can vape for 2 + days with lots and lots of vapor between charges.

And Once again thank you to Christopher and jeffb for there assistance to me.

Enjoy and Happy Vaping!

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Nice and very thorough guide, but:

A 200 ohm resistor - there is a discussion on the thread over what size resistor need to set upper voltage but went with recommended.

That's odd, looking at the datasheet sheet for the assembly we see this.

Programmable output voltage from 0.591- 6.0 VDC

We also see this:

Exposure of devices to greater than any of these

conditions may adversely affect long-term reliability. Proper operation under conditions

other than those listed in the Performance/Functional Specifi cations Table is not implied or


In the tables below, the calculated resistance is given. Do not exceed the

specified limits of the output voltage or the converter’s maximum power

rating when applying these resistors.


Anyone building this mod, should use a common and easy to find 220Ω resistor instead, which will properly cap the voltage per spec as recommended by the manufacterer.

Just saying...

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I agree with you. I actually made 2 mods 1 with 200 ohm and 1 with 220 ohm just to see if any difference. While the 200 ohm will go up to 6.5 volts I never planned to actual vape at that level. When I said as recommended I meant recommended by OP of the easy OKR-T thread not from the manufacture spec. sheet so I apologize for steering people wrong. And thank you for posting that chart which will help people decide what their top voltage will be. I appreciate this being pointed out and would very much like it if anyone else tells me about any other things they see.

Also I would love any other feed back good or bad on this mod. So far the replies have been very scarce on both how to's

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I looked at both of your tutorials and am very impressed! That took alot of effort to take pics and post this for our members and I think that was fantastic of you. Thank you. :unworthy:

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This is what I said I was looking for. Now that I have seen it, I am ready to go check into a mental hospital. I checked the yellow pages and there is none close. So I may have to try this.

I will have to study and re-study and re-study for a long time first.

Thank you for posting this for all of us. This really is, what I was looking for.

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