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Anyone Tried Vaping With Strep Throat?

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I have vaped while sick, just not with strep throat....or at least not diagnosed AS strep throat by a doctor (I think it was though). No matter whether I used all VG or PG it hurt like the dickens to vape, so I suffered as much as I could and only took an inhale when I NEEDED my nicotine. My biggest worry was that I would forget to clean my drip tip, so I probably over cleaned it (which is not a bad thing). IMO I would probably have had a better feeling throat a few days before if I had chosen not to vape...but that's not really an option for me. :D

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Back in the day when I was vaping, I believe, I had strep throat at the time, I even posted about it. The feeling was horrible. The nicotine actually felt like a burning sensation and I was only using 16mgs, I had to cut it to make it bearable. I remember talking to my doctor that I was using a electronic cigarette, he wasn't sure, but if anything it would make healing process longer. He told me the bacteria might have built up since I was using the same mouth piece for a while. So from that point on, I just either never re-use a mouthpiece or just boil them in hot water to clean them if I was low. My doctor's opinion might differ from yours, so can't really say. Heck, My doctor even told me he thought electronic cigarettes were a great alternative after I told him about it.

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