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  1. Nothing like a hilarious story to brighten up the day (or make the night better)! Thanks nana!
  2. Voted. I was the 31st in MI. It said I made a "big push to the pie chart", lol. I know I didn't, but every bit counts!
  3. I bought a ten pack of 901 atties for less than $40 shipped. I then bought two 510-901 adapters for less than $5 shipped. The main reason I was thinking of switching was to save money (the 510's are ten bucks more). Only time will tell if they last as long as my 510's. If I get a single week out of each, they are worth it. I now want a drip shield though...
  4. OMG! I just found out that these things don't heat up at the bottom like a 510, they heat up around the middle! For a chain vaper like me, this means I must be careful. I think I almost blew this atty already! Glad I felt a little burn before I kept vaping!
  5. I got my 901 atties! Man, these lr atties are the freaking bomb! I am so sad though...When I first bought a 510 lr atty, it took me 3 weeks to get used to normal 510's again. I think I will never be able to quit using lr now. I love these atties so far, but I have to see about their longevity, so I might do a quick review after I see the life I get out of them. So far: VERY impressed. Good vapor, not really having a leaking problem so far, although I am using it on an eGo with the 510 cone, so it will prevent the leaks from coming out. I am over half an hour into this baby and there either was nearly no primer, or there was NO primer, because the flavor is just bursting (I think it is the same as a "broken in" 510 so far, so maybe they will get better/have no break in period?). If these babies last as long as my 510's, I found a new, cheaper alternative .
  6. I prefer darker skins. It's why I use firefox, so I can customize it to the Blood/Black type of skin. I love it.
  7. Never bought their juice, but check out their bulk atties. Seriously.
  8. Saw those drip shields a little bit ago and wanted one. The 510-901-901-510 bridged adapter they sold made me want it more. Then I thought how not cool it would look on an eGo, lol.
  9. Yeah, the 510 bulk pack is what I got last time. The DSE901 bulk pack is even cheaper at $36.95 (Hey, ten bucks is ten bucks!). Which is the whole reason this debate started in my mind.
  10. Hey guys! I have a question on whether or not what I am thinking of doing is intelligent. I have never used a 901 atomizer, but noticed they are cheaper than 510's on vapor kings site. Is there anyone who has tried both and if so, does the 901 atty have the same lifespan as a 510, as in, does the atty last two weeks or a month or what (I am an EXTREMELY heavy vapor, and my 510 last 2 weeks average, some shorter and some longer). If it doesn't last as long, I am not really as interested, since I am just trying to save some money (my vaping habit is getting REAL expensive, and it is holding me back from getting a mod). The only atomizer other than 510 I have used is the one on the Blu, and the two I had both died within the same three day period. I already read that the flavor is better than a 510 but it gives less vapor and TH, anyone got some comments on this?
  11. I used cartomizers for a bit (like a week or two) and just didn't like how they would be half full and give dry hits (might have been the fact they were off brand no-name cartos, though). I actually use standard atties more than lr, but that is because I bought a 10-pack of em. I think I will get a 10 pack of lr atties VERY soon, since I still remember the flavor and power of the lr atomizer!
  12. I have vaped while sick, just not with strep throat....or at least not diagnosed AS strep throat by a doctor (I think it was though). No matter whether I used all VG or PG it hurt like the dickens to vape, so I suffered as much as I could and only took an inhale when I NEEDED my nicotine. My biggest worry was that I would forget to clean my drip tip, so I probably over cleaned it (which is not a bad thing). IMO I would probably have had a better feeling throat a few days before if I had chosen not to vape...but that's not really an option for me.
  13. I had this exact problem (except for it starting to work >.<). I learned a valuable lesson about backing up EVERYTHING. Lesson learned.
  14. Hey! When I was researching my family name a while back, the Havermale name was brought up as one of the versions of it. After some further research, the names Havermale/Habermehl/Hovermill/Hovermehl and Hawvermale names were all related, due to Americanization of names brought about by migration. Kinda cool. Only problem with this was the fact that when researching family history, it is kind of hard to go back further than great-great-grandparents. Ah well, I passed the assignment for family tree anyway! Just figured this info was kind of a cool random bit of info I came across.
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