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  1. a lot of good suggestions. I guess I saw one with an actual brass one to match the brass caps, and with the black tube, and black cart, it looks pretty nice, and I usually think mods look kind of silly. Oh well, I guess. I think I might try the gold aluminum one though, it looks like it might actually be pretty close. I am curious though "Snubber" can't the brass be polished back to it's luster, and if you don't like yours, any interest in selling it? I'm looking for one for a 510, and even more unlikely to find, a 306.
  2. I all, it's been awhile, but I had a question, and I figured if any place had the answer it'd be here. I've been trying to find a place to get real brass drip tips. I know that super T used to carry them, but they no longer do. I just ordered a black Buzz pro (my first mod) with brass top and bottom caps, and think it would look great with a matching tip. So does anybody still make these things, or am I out of luck?
  3. That's what I was afraid of. I guess it is kind of subjective. I know I've had some of my LR atty's be great, and others just way too harsh, and tasteless. due to the excessive heat burning up any flavor.
  4. so I heard one person say to go with the 1.5 ohm for my ego 600mA, but the last poster said they are using the 1.5 and loving it. I don't care too much about the battery life, I'm going for best performance here. I have two ego passthrough batteries, so I keeps them pretty topped off anyway. I'm definetly getting one of the two, just want to make sure I get the best one for my device.
  5. http://www.avidvaper...0-Atomizer.html Just wondering if anyone has used or heard anything about this 306/510 hybrid. I am thinking about ordering one to try it for my ego, but am not sure if I should get the 1.5 or 2.5 ohm. I've been having an issue with some of the LR 306 atty's I've been using burning up all the flavor in my juices. they produce a lot of vapor but they taste burn, while regular atty's just don't seem to have enough kick. any thoughts? suggestions? I'm currently using a 510 tank on an ego battery, and am hating it, but don't have any option until I figure out what
  6. I try to clean my atty's every couple of days. I just put them in a mug, and pour boiling water on them. let them soak a few minutes, and then blow out the excess water, and I'm ready to go. tends to really clean up the flavor pretty well.
  7. Just wondering if anyone has tried vaping whilst having strep throat. I want my nicotine, but am scared of what the vapor may do to my throat.
  8. Just wanted to give a quick update on two things. One, a little steel wool will take that black rubbery stuff right off. and two, if you accidentally drop your ego battery in a sink full of water , it will still work, and without even letting it dry out. though I'm not suggesting you try this, I was pretty happy to find out it still worked. So I now have a very shiny, stainless steel ego, and I have to say. I kinda like it. Almost forgot, If your going to attempt this, make sure you dampen the steel wool a little, so as not to scratch up the nice stainless under the rubber.
  9. Doh! proceed with caution. I don't know if it was just the atty's time, but my boge 306 barely vapes at all after doing this. it actually works ok when almost dry, but tastes awful, and as soon as I top it off it's can't heat up one drop of liguid, so doesn't work. This probably isn't the case with a standard atty (should have tried that first), but if your using a 306 you may have problems.
  10. Is this common. the black keeps peeling off of my ego. I'm thinking I'm just gonna try peeling it all off and getting a stainless cone. Is the battery just all stainless steel underneath the rubber. sucks, the thing is only a few weeks old. are any of the other colors not made out of that rubbery material. I like the feel, but would trade it for a black powder coated or painted one. It just seems it would be more hassle free, like when I accidentaly over fill my atty while dripping.
  11. I own the safe cig, and you do have options. you can refill them via, the condum method, or buy empty carts for a 4081. they are compatible. I did notice however, that you don't get as good of a seal between the battery and the cart which can cause some problems. the best results I got were from refilling, but then you're stuck with the leftover taste of the stock cart juice. honestly I fought it, and fought it, but eventually I listened to the people here, and ventured away from an ecig that looks like a cig, and I haven't been happier. I started with a joye tech 510-t kit, but just was
  12. interesting. I hadn't thought of that. I recently switched to a wider mouth cone for better air flow, and am liking the result thus far.
  13. I agree that you don't neeeeeed the cone. it is purely cosmetic, but I like the way it looks. you may too. I did find this http://www.heaven-gifts.com/product-296.html It comes with cones, and drip tips, so you can try that out with no extra expense. as well as some other goodies. the button protector is something I wish I had when I'm at work and it's knocking around in my pocket. I've seen these kits at this price with nothing but the batt's, atty', and cones. I think it's a pretty great deal, and I may have to pick one up for long trips, and because I'm addicted to spending money on e
  14. try direct dripping on your atty. Packs that extra kick I need when I feel a craving like that. I didn't get that nicotine rush from vaping until I purchased a 306 atty, and drip tip for my ego. does the trick for me anyway. I barely use my carts anymore, except when driving, and even then...
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