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  1. I wish you alot of luck in your quitting the analogs. I go back and forth but am trying to stay off the analogs myself. I highly recommend this site for any help that you may need. There are alot of nice folks here. I have the Riva 750 and l love it. My mother had a different brand, it looked like a cigarette, and took it back and got a riva also. The place I go to has a white one for 29.99. He said that the company sent him white ones by mistake and he is trying to get rid of them. Needless to say I bought a back up kit because I tend to misplace mine.
  2. I usually just go outside unless I am at home. I even smoked outside at home and I told my husband that I vape by my computer. He just gave me the look but he didn't tell me to still go outside. AHH... yes, that made me feel better about it. He does not seem to notice any smoke in the house. Mainly because there is not any. He is an ex smoker (1989) and does not notice it. So if he does not notice it, no one else will. I still go outside at work because if you are caught smoking in the building you will be fired and I really don't want to risk it. I did tell my supervisor about the ec
  3. Thank you for the replies. I have tried to give them away but nobody wants them. I was thinking about maybe mixing it in with a tobacco but I just don't like them. I have mixed up a couple from Johnson creek that is awesome but I just don't like them.
  4. Hi all, I have just one question. I have two containers of ejuice that I will never ever use again and I need to know how to get rid of it. I can't just pour it down the sink and I don't know what the procedure is for the garbage dump. Do I just wrap up the containers in newspapers?
  5. Beans, I know how it feels to have someone to tell me how to quit, it is very irksome and it makes you want to keep on smoking. But I was not telling people here to quit vaping or to cut down. It is just that she vapes so much that her kids are after her, her mother is after her and she keeps wearing out her ecigs, batteries and have to keep buying new ones. She also told me that her chest hurts her more now than when she was smoking. She told me that it was a pain in the behind to fill them up. She waits until she is completely out and then for some reason she said that she has to wait fo
  6. I wanted one the other day. I just go and pick up my ecig and think about how much I am saving by not going to get a pack of analogs. Then I think of the smell on my clothes and in my car and go yuck! Then I stop myself. Plus I also think of my daughter who is pregnant and wants me to quit for my grandchild and that definitely puts the brakes on for me.
  7. I hate to bring this back up but I have a tendency to get busy and forget to sign on. I feel like I am being attacked here, I just needed your advice that was all. My friend's children are after her to quit vaping completely. She flat out told me that even with vaping she can't breathe, which I find that when I vape alot I can't breath too much either. I am just worried about my friend that is all. Her mother who was a nurse is after her to quit vaping. I just wanted her to go up on the mgs, I know she won't quit and I am not forcing her to. She herself has told me that she uses it
  8. I understand that because I like the act of it too. But she even says that she does it too much. She doesn't look like she enjoys it, she looks like she is an addict getting her hit of crack. This is no lie whatsoever. I do it because I like it, not that I need it. There is a juice from Red Oak, Tennessee Cured that instead of vaping, I just hit the button so I could smell it... yumm.. I had gotten it in the sampler pack but will order some witout nicotine just so I can smell it. I know I am sick.
  9. Thank you Chris for the idea, I might just do that, I have plenty of stuff collecting dust around the house.
  10. Sorry about not replying sooner, I have been so so busy. Thank you all for your comments and I will read them more later.
  11. I have a very dear old friend who vapes way too much. Her cousin got her into Vapor 4 Life and it just is not working for her. She was visiting me recently and I noticed how much she vaped, not 4 minutes went by before she had that ecig in her mouth again. She looked like a junkie on crack. Her batteries are always depleted and she waits until she runs out before she loads up her cartridges (I counted over 25 of them). She had 4 batteries when she came here then lost two of them at another friends house. Well she finally got back to my house and had to use my Riva. I may use mine
  12. My sister sold it years ago and they used to have these Scrub buds and I really miss that product. They worked better than anything on the shelf at the store. I can't find them anywhere but I hate having to contact someone to buy them because then you do get pursued.
  13. I am thinking of try this out for a couple of reasons... 1. the products used to be good,, need to see if they still are, 2. can get products cheaper for yourself 3. Need to try and earn extra money while my husband is unemployed. I would like everybody's thoughts on this company. Thanks in advance.
  14. No I am not using the prefilled carts. Thanks for the help. I do have to admit that last night when I used it, I used it more often between puffs than normal. That could be the reason.
  15. I think I use my cart too long before refilling it. I took my cart off yesterday to refill it and it was stuck on the atomizer heater (name for it?). I don't use it that often maybe 2-3 times a day, 2 puffs at a time. Some days I don't even use it nor smoke an analog. I check it all the time and the filter and cartridge still look wet or damp. I refilled it one time and it gurgled and I found out I put too much in it. I guess now I am over compensating. I fill it up almost to the very top then put in my filler. Exactly what am I doing wrong? Am I using the filler too long? They
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