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  1. I have had my IJOY RDTA 200W BOX MOD for about four months. No issues except leaking from the tank. Today my mod began firing on its own. I removed the batteries. I wanted a few puffs, so I put the batteries in. No issues. I filled the tank and set on the counter. Again the mod began firing on its own. Removed batteries once more. Could be the leak causing the firing. Please be cautious if you or someone you know owns this mod.

  2. Ok first time for this one. I accidentally ordered a 60ml bottle of juice at 0mg nicotine. I have nicotine here I was going to try to start diying my own but haven't yet.. can I add the nicotine once I get it? And how much would I add to make it 3mg? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
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    What size nicotine viles do you have?
  3. Today is my fourth day without a cigarette & boy am I ever craving one. This is silly but could anyone tell me how long it took them to get over the cravings? I know it's probably different with everyone and depends on the amount of years/cigarettes smoked but I'm seriously dying and want to go buy a pack SO bad, smoking in the car was my favorite time to smoke, I've been hitting this & also holding a pencil in between my fingers and "flicking" it out the window but I know I can do this! Also juice recommendations are welcome please tell me your favorites!
    Online stores I use are Sauce LA and Fuggin vapor
  4. Hi everyone!
    My name is Carly Schenck, I'm 19 years old.
    Not sure if anyone will read this or not, but I'm new to vaping, I'm trying to quit smoking. I have a T-Priv w/ the big baby tank, I also have a cleito aspire rdta. I'm trying to find a flavor I really like, kind of been picky with it.. I just ordered Awesometown juice to try, the candy apple and red laces. I guess I'm looking for recommendations, I like the fruity flavors, I HATE cereal flavors or anything with menthol. b9070d0100d65235273865b459658d36.jpg&key=83f9a0dcaabe37d9949a0d9de69423856313522dfebabd0a0cccc3c3ea3aff3b

    Welcome Carly. I have ordered from Sauce LA. Check out Fuggin vapor. Omvapes is another site I order from. Stay focused and you should not return to the stinkys. Just have fun trying new flavors
  5. When I first started vaping I used to vape 24mg. (This was before PV's became more efficient). Today the wifey mixed me up some 1.5mg and the next step will be 0mg. Figured I'd pat myself on the back. I mean it's been 8 years but better late than never right?
    Please do not be down with your decline in your nic level. I am still at 3 nic. Be happy with your progress
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