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  1. ive been using the 50/50 for over a month now. all is good.
  2. thats the American way. ebay is good for that. you go there and think your going to get a good deal just to find out you can buy it anywhere for there price, now you do get some good deal but a big percentage are just rip-offs. if nothing else the advertisement get you to look at there add, just might see something you have to have, doesnt really cost them, they have nothing to loose.
  3. yeah good old menthol. but for now the 50/50 seems to be working great.
  4. havent been checking the vapor that much but getting a more consistent throat hit, not has hard. almost feels perfect. might get a 60/40 and see how it feels, but the 70/30 just seemed to hit a little to hard. kept the same nicotine level, and it is menthol.
  5. told my local vape shop that i was getting a little to much throat hit so she gave me a mix of 50/50, doesnt hit as hard. is that what the pg/vg does when you change the ratios.
  6. bought one of those hollow tanks for it ans some new BVC coils. so far so good.
  7. everclear ? where to you get that looks like the vodka is easier to find.
  8. dont have any vodka, what about alcohol
  9. i seen different ways of cleaning the nautlius coils. what is recommended.
  10. im sure those are both great tanks but i already know my natuluis so im sticking with this type. i did leanr not to buy 1.1 or clones, or the other type are called - over runs, never buy one of those again.
  11. i liked my natulius so much that i bought another. figure i know they work so why change. stick with what i know works.
  12. leaking out the air holes, at least thats what ive read
  13. was going to buy one but found that they have leaking issues.
  14. yeah, not good to take medical advice from anyone but your Dr.
  15. well i really like my natulius tank with the adjustable air flow and want another adjustable air flow tank but maybe one that is top filling. looked at the triton but after checking reviews and seeing that most end up leaking i changed my mind. call me dumb because i should just get another natulius but id to try something different. not into sub Ohm, but do like the adjustable air flow feature.
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