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  1. I personally do not think titanium can ignite at 700 degrees. I used to work in the arrow space industry, we frequently took titanium to 1400degrees Fahrenheit to superplastic form it. A embrittling surface finish know as alpha case forms at and above 700 degrees. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Aerospace...thanks autocorrect! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. My local shop recommended this RDA...https://101vape.com/rba-s-rda-s/761-lush-rda-by-wotofo.html And a unregulated 200w Tesla box mod. Your thoughts and opinions are appreciated. I'm looking to get started dripping. I'm not really interested in cloud chasing. I like my vape with lots of flavor. TH is not important to me because I was never a smoker. I replaced my nicotine habit of chewing tobacco with vaping. I have my reservations on going unregulated. I wouldn't mind spending more money if the quality is better.
  3. Definitely don't want to feel light headed.
  4. I never smoked, but was rather a chewer. I don't know if you would call chain vaping taking 3 good hits, bit that's what I was doing. I'll reduce nic level. Thanks.
  5. Does anyone get light headed often from Vaping? Its been happening to me lately quite a bit. I'm vaping 12mg right now, around 10watts with my Nautilus Mini on the second lowest air flow. One of these days I think I might hit the ground.
  6. Yeah...I picked it up when I got the new rig. Figured I could spoil myself. This Nautilus is going through the juice though.
  7. Vapros Nunchaku, Nautilius Mini, and a five pawns...50/50
  8. So...I got this new fancy device. Variable wattage, custom airflow settings... From a flavor standpoint...6watt to 18 watt...no real difference in flavor. Is there a way to maximize my eliquid use? I'm thinking lowest wattage and lowest air flow....am I right?
  9. 2000 according to the documentation provided in the box. I know that a couple of companies post different things.
  10. Vision Vapros Nunchaku and Nautilus Mini....awesome compared to my basic ego and TS3 tank. So pumped! Plus I got some Five Pawns Bowden's Mate...Tasty!
  11. What Mod is this? http://www.kangeronline.com/blogs/kangertech-media-release/16665156-kanger-subtank-mini-nano
  12. Earthling...what are your thoughts on the Kanger Aerotank V2?
  13. I was hoping for some suggestions with regards to tanks. If somebody could explain if there are benefits to low resistance coils, I would be appreciative. Further, to give some clarification about the request for tank suggestion, I think I like the concept of little to no DIY, but overtime cost is important too.
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