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  1. Man that banner's old!! I dont use any of those e-cigs any more. I make my own juice and have 2-3 Joyetech eGo AIO ProBox as my daily now.
  2. Hey Vapor Talk..... It's been YEAR'S ! I joined this site way back in May 2010....glad to see it's still going! It crossed my mind this morning to check in and take a look at my banner I started all those years ago (11years). What a SHOCKER!! Over $47 thousand in savings and more than 4100 days without a cigarette! I still vape...but I must say, I wish I could shake the e-cig monkey off my back now. Still.... better than smoking 2 packs a day I guess. Ok well..see ya all in another 2-5 years!
  3. Way to go Jodie!!! Just a thought...thinking you might want to hold on to something, just in case you have a relapse Better to go back to an e-cig vs buying a pack of cigs. Im working on it..hope to have your same problem some day
  4. Great Video HawtAngel! Ive won 2 of Marks Mods though contests now, love em both! I have #33 Cocobolo and the wife has #69 Sycamore/Purpleheart. Both of these mods get daily uses around the house while watching TV or on the puter.....way to nice to chance something bad happening to em by taking them outside. Great thread HawtAngel....gives me another chance to say Thank You Mark ,we love your Mods!!
  5. Hi Madhatter First thing to do is make SURE that the atty connection on the box is clean. If thats not the problem , try to pull the battery spring up (stretch it) so that the battery fits more snug. Most times for me its the battery not being snug that ends up being the problem. I've also come to the conclusion that using LR atties is a no/no...I've burnt a few Wetbox's out using LR. Hope this helps GL.
  6. WOW MaryAnn!!!!! Marks going to love that post!! Ya know, I really like mine aswell!
  7. Time!!!! Looks like the winner is ..... Schlitz !!!! Congrats!! Please PM Ofortuna and myself with your address and we'll get your prize out to ya as soon as possible! I have to go to work tomorrow(Sunday) and wont return til next Fri..Sat, but as soon as I do, Ill mail off your prize! Thanks to all who participated
  8. Thanks to all who participated in Halloween PIF! Sorry it took so long to post again....Ive been working outta town If I could get you all to vote on your favorite entry, by 9pm tonight, Ill post the winner tonight! One vote per member, please...no votes for yourself!
  9. So I'm driving around today running errands and figured I'd stop in to see the progress on the new vaping lounge at VaporBomb. While there, Harry gave me a FREE samples of their newest juice, Strawberry Cheesecake. Now, for the most part I only vape caramel and 1-2 other flavored e-liquids, not much success with other flavors. Believe me Ive try'd countless flavors from a bunch of different vendors. This is the first juice I've tried that actually tastes like strawberry and didnt have a perfume after taste. Now, they are calling it a Strawberry Cheesecake but it tasted more like Strawberry Shortcake to me.....I dont eat cheesecake..so I dont really know what cheesecake taste like Anywho...Im giving this flavor a thumbs ups!! The juice was a 60pg 40vg 24mg nic with good vapor production and slight throat hit.
  10. Im not sure how to link the gallery to a post ....so lets just post your pictures here in this link. If one of the admins or Chris can link the pictures to the gallery ...that would be nice.
  11. Just talked to Ofortuna, and she asked if she could add to the prize!!! So..check back soon to see what wonderful things you could win just by dropping your guard a little and having some fun!!! No pics yet
  12. Happy Halloween!!! Well guys I just happen to have a spare PCC for a Joye 510 along with 3 batteries and 2 atomizers that a friend just returned to me!! Why did they return em???....cause they quit altogether!!! No more smoking or vaping!!! I'm very happy that I was able to be apart of them giving it all up!! So...its PIF time! This contest will be pics of you in your BEST COSTUME Contest rules: Rule 1- post pics of YOU in your best costume Rule 2- No pictures from magazines and No photo shop Rule 3- If a full mask is used...must post 2nd pic showing your face! Rule 4- Contest ends Nov 2 9pm eastern time....(gives a little time to post after Oct 31 parties) Guys, this set has GOOD MOJO!!! So... Good Luck, and as in PIF contest that came before...The Vapor Talk forum will decide the winner on Nov 3 via votes cast on that day ending at 9pm eastern time. One vote per member only! Edit: This contest is open to ALL Vapor Talk Forum Members
  13. Thank You!!! Hope I didnt post to many pics..but a prize with one of Marks master crafted mods, I felt was worthy my best efforts to win! Again Thank you Mark, Chris, Brain and Jeff and congrats to the other winners.
  14. Ok, my last entry for contest. Went down to VaporBomb to check out their new vaping lounge, in hopes of getting some pics with Harry and the VB gang. Upon entering, I found myself in a pack of craftsman hard at work preparing the shop for their October 23 grand opening and Hallow-vape party. Harry and his staff were kind enough to take time outta of their busy day to pose for a few pics in front of the new Logo just painted on the wall of the lounge. Harry told me that he hoped to see members of the Vapor Talk Forum at Hallow-vape and ask if any were to attend, to please RSVP him, so he could add to the order of food and drink. Its to be a fully catered party , with no cover charge....come VAPE, drink, eat, and be merry So...that's all I got.....Sure hope there will be more entries than what has been posted thus far. Thank you Mark, Chris, Jeff and Brian for holding another awesome contest.
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