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  1. Go with an ego and a real Vision Vivi Nova tank. Simple, reliable, and gets the job done.
  2. Now now ladies... lets get along before I send you all to forced labor camps.
  3. I tried to transfer the remaining liquid in to another small container, but as I unscrewed it, all the liquid spilled on my lap... Now I smell real fruity. After changing it to 1.8, I'm getting a lot more vapor. Thanks for the response!
  4. I figured out the issue. My ego isn't producing enough volts because the resistance on the mini nova is at 2.4. If I i switch it to 1.8 it should be fine, but now I have another question. Can I reuse this 2.4 ohm later when I get my Vision Twister or does it go bad if its used?
  5. I went to a vape store and got a real Vivi Nova and some quality liquid(60/40)(12mg), and I'm getting less vapor when I exhale than when I was using CE4s. Is it because Vivi Novas require a stronger unit to produce more vapor? I'm not really understanding the electrical things about vaping. I use a nonadjustable Ego. Edit: Thinking about upgrading to a Vision Spinner. How much volts would the Vivi Novas be able to withstand?
  6. Thanks for the info. Now that I know how to differentiate the real ones from the fake ones, I realize there's a lot of places online that sells the fake ones.
  7. 50/50... but I'm the type of person that likes a whole lot of vapor...
  8. Well it starts not tasting right after 2 or 3 days. But I've been replacing them almost weekly.
  9. I use a pretty standard Ego, not sure what the resistance is, but its not that kind you can adjust. I vape about half .8ml (half a ce4) a day. I only take a couple puffs at a time being careful not to make the thing go hot.
  10. I prefer the ones with a wick. They seem to be better made and last longer.
  11. What's the best website that offers Dekang e liquid with lots of different flavors?
  12. I wouldn't recommend trying this if you look middle eastern or Indian.
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