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  1. 1 bat with a LR 302 w. drip tip 1 bat with a clear dually 2 ohm carto & drip tip. As long as it's got Midnight w/ a touch of Mentha... I'm happy.
  2. There is a new vendor out there who makes amazing juice. They are called Kick Bass Vapor. www.Kickbassvapor.com Their quality is amazing. I've tried them myself and they have some great flavors. Check 'em out. Their prices are good and you won't be sorry. By the way... they are so popular that sometimes they have to shut down the website in order to process all of the orders. They want to fill all orders within a few days. So if you find that you can't order off of the website, shoot them an email and they will tell you when they will open. It's worth the wait.
  3. Very Kind of you to say. It all started when my wife and I visited one neighbor friend in jail. That snowballed into realizing the need of women in so many difficult circumstances. Eventually we opened a large home with management and staff.....sunk everything I had into it..... and it failed miserably. Here in our area, housing is so expensive and the economy tanked the month after we started.... we just couldn't make the overhead. I was really dispondent and I was praying about it... really questioning myself .... and one thing stood out in my heart.... "Keep the Family Together!". So we moved the ladies into our home. That was Nov of 2009. That was the answer and always has been. We are a family and we needed to live in the home.... so we do and it has really worked well. We are so blessed. And without the hard times, we may not have understood the how important it is for us to be a family in one home. Thank you all for your heart toward us. We really appreciate it. Hy. PS. Oh... and lovie... thanks so much... PM sent.
  4. I think you mean me!! HyOnLyph!! My wife and I still have the home for women. We currently have 6 women living in our home and so far over 15 of our girls have embraced PVs as an alternative. We don't pressure them at all but offer them if they want. We help them get started and it is up to them to save their money and purchase their own continuing supplies. Many of the folks from this forum have generously helped us and we are so grateful. While I realize that there are a lot of spammers and scams out there.... I can assure you, we are not one of them. I sell nothing to the ladies. Everything is either donated or purchased by me to help them and they are offered the PVs and Juice for free. They purchase their own stuff after that. I've referred a number of folks to the VaporTalk Store. Midnight is still my number one all time favorite flavor. I just don't vape much and only zero nic but I sure do love the Midnight. Greetings to all and especially Christopher. Hy.
  5. I believe WordUpECigs.com has it. It's called Red Pack Ultra lights. It comes in Zero Nic. http://www.shop.wordupecig.com/Nicotine-Free-Eliquids0ml-Nicotine-Nicotine-Free-Eliquids.htm;jsessionid=D4DA43D223CDDE219CC41AC6E02DF6F4.qscstrfrnt06
  6. I forgot to mention... if the flavor is water soluble, it'll mix clear. If its not, it'll mix cloudy into the juice and you'll have to shake each time to mix it. Try to get water soluble flavors. It'll usually say it on the bottle or box.
  7. Check out GreatLakesVapor.com Their GLV 2 is really well thought of.
  8. I'm a zero nic vaper... so take this with a grain of salt.... You might want to try TastyVapor.com. Order a higher nic level and also purchase a few empty bottles and a "doubler". A doubler is a large quantity 2 oz (60mls) of the same flavor used to dilute the same juice with the nicotine in it. (much less expensive too) The nic can be cut directly. So if you have 5 mls of 30mg juice... and you add 5mls of doubler to it, 1 to 1... you get 10 mls of 15 mg juice. And you can keep cutting it until you are happy. Seems to me that Once you find your nic level, you're good to go. They do have a few tobacco flavors. Geoff's blend is supposed to be pretty good. I haven't tried it.
  9. And you coulda used your ecig in the casinos..... I gotta ask.... is the ring yours? And what part of so cal are you in.
  10. For cartomizers.... if you want tons of vapor try a site called IkenVape.com They sell medium range, low resistance cartos and atomizers (for dripping). They are 2 Ohm and are amazing. Really well made. You'll be spoiled really fast. they also have 302 atomizers, which fit on a 510 but have a different design. Really fair price too.
  11. I'll tell ya what I did. For menthol flavor... I add a few drops of mentha to my favorit flavors in a clean drip bottle. For mint... I went to Walmart and bought a pack of "flavors" in the baking / hobby dept. It came with peppermint, cinnamon and a few others. Whenever I want a minty flavor, I drip a few drops of mint into a sample drip bottle size of Midnight and I'm telling you.... it's amazing. I've tried other mint/menthol/cinnamon flavors and none of them do it. I want a bit of coolness to a flavor I already love... so that's my cure-all.
  12. Nice selection. One that may be worth watching is the Great Lakes Vapor GLV-2 supermini and GLV-3. Sorry for the size of the photos. The mini and supermini are on their website but the GLV-3 is in development and photos are not on their website. Link to GLV
  13. I wasn't sure if anyone has seen this but it's finally showing up in the media. Evidence suggests e-cigs safer than cigarettes, researcher claims http://www.physorg.com/news/2010-12-evidence-e-cigs-safer-cigarettes.html
  14. The air flow is a personal perference. The reduced air flow is supposed to increase the vapor. But it requires that you take a slower longer draw. If you are not into huge vapor, but like to take a faster draw... take the cone off. If you want huge vapor... slow down a little and be patient.... you'll get clouds of vapor.
  15. I'm not sure who all sells them but if you check out TastyVapor http://www.tastyvapor.us/index.php .... they sell 1 oz (30mls)Regular nic juice for $15. Doublers at zero nic are $10 for 2oz (60 ml) and $15 for 4oz (120 mls). Quite a savings. Especially when you vape zero nic like me. I believe you can request extra strong flavor too.
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