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  1. Carto with a tank, IMO is better than dripping, but close. Then again I think dripping on an ego with an ego is fairly frigid, even with the cone. Avoid, the chinese lavatube. There are plenty of good mods that are US made, better and around the same price. Plenty of people have had the LT's break on them already. As far as tube mods go you have Variable Voltage options like the Buzz Pro and Infinity Pro from notcigs. You have the Provari as well. The VVV from kalamzoo vapor shop is 5V regulated, good idea. It works with about three different batteries at 3.7V and two different batteries at regulated 5V. You can use the DC cartos with those and a wider variety of atty that will be a warmer vape that the 3.2V or less with the Ego. The Silverbullet and other multi battery unregularted tube mods like the Bolt and such are all also good and durable. Good luck...
  2. If you get the tank with the DC cart just make sure you get some LR cartos to go with it in stainless steel. You can punch them or slot them yourself if you are so inclined, if not just get the prepunched ones. DC cartos are not the way to go on an Ego. The best thing about tanks is a constant and consistent source of liquid. They even out your hits big time.
  3. Gamera

    New Infinity ∞ Pro. Infinity

    I'd drop Mike a line or pm him over at vapersforum. he is lespaul77 or something like that. I bet otherwise it kicks ***.
  4. Gamera

    New Got Questions I Wanna Get Started!

    I would go with the Provari or the BP. Simple, variable voltage, and nice and m1a1 tanks so you don't have to refill constantly. Also American made and around 150$ for the setup. The BP is what I am getting next.
  5. Gamera

    Absolutely Love My Ego!

    The ego tank system? It is just a large atomizer with a cartridge that holds more liquid then the average cart. If anything it is less complex than a carto. The issues with these are clean the atomizer fairly regularly and minor leaking issues and a fairly cold vape.
  6. Gamera

    Cleaning Cartos

    I personally boil mine and then do my best to dry them out a bit and then hit them with a hair drier for a bit and them leave them to air dry with a desiccator or just out in open air for 48 hours.
  7. Gamera

    Totally New, Havent Ordered Yet.

    I don't know how close to Indy you are but there is a big vape store there and lots of people seem to recommend them. This way you can go in buy and get advice and maybe even help with liquid. If we had a place like that in Boston that is what I would do.
  8. Cool. So far I have met a total of like three people that have vaped around here. Two were introduced to it by me. I have a friend that worked with people who vaped at State Street in Boston and they have since been told no vaping at the desk during work. They have been sent outside with the analog users.
  9. The link works. The girl in the picture has a nice set up. Pretty sweet.
  10. http://bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/health-wellness/2011/12/05/cigarettes-threat-therapy/qcPg62KPXglAwXi9nWMdhN/story.html This may be only of use to online Globe subscribers because they and the NYT haven't figured out how to make any coin in the modern world. I will try and dig up the article elsewhere. Needless to say it seemed fairly well balanced and well written for the most part. It seems odd to me that the American Cancer Society seems so dead set against vaping. They seem to not have a clue.
  11. Gamera

    What Vapers Do For Entertainment

    What is most funny is that the one dude sticks the ends up his nose and then goes right back to vapeing it. Boogers in the mouth!
  12. Gamera

    Is It Good To Start With Disposables?

    As a recent convert to e-cigs myself here is what I did. I bought a 510 and then went out and bought single Blu's until it showed up. Now I think they don't last for beans and draw like hell, but at the time I was happy because I didn't know any better. So my 510 came in because I wanted one that looked like a cigarette. It was cool. Still is cool. It was decent enough. I started reading around here and the dozens and dozens of threads that said buy an Ego. So I did. Why.......I mean whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did I waste my time with anything else? It boggles my mind how much better the whole experience is. I'm still learning. I have a lot to learn, but damnit if there is something better than a straight up Ego with decent juice and a low rez carto I can't imagine what that would be like. Don't make the mistake I made. Just buy the VT deal. It is a great deal. Buy some EMDCC's or some Boge 510D LR cartos and you will never look back.
  13. Gamera

    Help Noob With Ego-T

    I can't imagine futzing with a tank system. But I am a noob as well. It looks like so much work. I don't know maybe if I had friends that used them and cash to fail at it but it seems there are too many spots for failure. I am stoked with my low rez cartos. Frankly they produce more than enough vapor.
  14. Gamera

    What Vapers Do For Entertainment

    That was pretty funny, irrespective of common sense.
  15. Man that place is bananas. (vaporrenu) It is almost too good. They have everything and will do it anyway you want. I ordered three from there. I can't believe the combinations and shear number of options and flavors. . Thanks for the skinny. I hope this takes care of the matter. I want to try new stuff but every time I get a PG flavor it doesn't sit well with me.

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