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well, I just stuck it into an outlet after reading your reply, and it's reading 119.6(7)v so it seems to be working properly...

Reading a wall outlet (AC) and reading a battery (DC) are two very different things.

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Ack! Ugh! Bwahaha!

I'm laughing while utterly confuzzled...Big Jim = good sport.

I'm not so sure you fellas even know what you're talking about. j/k!

I am sure that you know how to confuse us ladies. Thank goodness these things come in kits...

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Um - nox, that's not just a ladies thing! :D I support kits too. That said, this thread has really helped me to understand the differences I've noted just pushing about in the dark. Thanks to all of you for a great thread.

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First of all the video was a mirror image, so it made it harder to read the meter backwards. The meter was on AC volts and the outlet was tested, then without switching to DC the output of the ego was checked. What you couldn't see was that the reading on the outlet was in AC volts, and the reading on the ego was in AC millivolts. This is basically ripple voltage (which is more than I would have expected) on a DC source.

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Now I know this question would be based on quality of manufactor, but let us assume they are all high quality vendors. I know what ***..u..me spells out.

Wouldn't the design incorporate the losses of all paths to "guarantee" the voltage across the load to be the set value? Or current depends what side of the fence you want to view.

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