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Why do disposable e-cigarettes often leak oil?


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Without more information about what kind of disposable you're using, it's hard to troubleshoot your issues. Most disposables, in general terms, are cheaply made and are not made of high quality anything because it's meant to be used once and then thrown away. That would be one problem.

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I've had disposables that leaked juice, ones that were dead on arrival, and ones where the juice in them was completely wrong - some of them literally tasted like the wrong flavor of juice, example: grape instead of mint lol.

A lot of the disposables I've used are cheaply constructed and the quality is obviously lacking. Not all vape manufacturers have the same level of quality control. I've had entire an entire box of disposables (10 in a box, roughly $150 for the lot of them) not work. Every single one of them was DOA and I could not return them to the retailer where I bought them because "they're yours once you leave the parking lot." I now test each one before leaving the store to make sure they all work. 😑

I think the reasons why they leak can vary a lot though and the leaks aren't limited to disposable vapes. I saw a report years ago (found it) that said hundreds of thousands of Juul's customers had complained about pods leaking lol. I think that should tell you what you need to know: a lot of vaping products leak vape juice. I've had disposables that leaked, prefilled and refillable pods that leaked, tanks that leaked, and plenty of bottles of juice that were leaking when I took them out of the box. At least with the prefilled pods and some of the disposables I can see that they're leaking before I touch them because there's moisture / liquid residue inside of the clear plastic packaging.

For me, if it's not a manufacturing (bad quality control) or shipping (damaged in transit) issue, it's usually being too aggressive with my vaping. I'll sometimes vape a lot quickly and when I do, I'll occasionally experience a leak. Not sure exactly why that happens, maybe someone else knows? Could it be a flooded coil?

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