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Hello All

Vape Lagoon

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Unsure if this is the correct platform for vendors to post on...

 If it is. Just want to say, really pleased to be a part of this forum. With all the negative press around vaping I think it is important to educate everyone and fellow vapers that vaping is not all bad and nowhere near as bad as smoking cigarettes.

Happy vaping

Vape Lagoon   

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Well, aren't you a breath of fresh air. Most vendors don't bother to read the rules and we have to ban them for spamming outside of the designated areas. Thank you for being different. I hope you enjoy your time on the forum. We have many great members here.

We're all about educating people to be safe when vaping. And yes, especially now with all the bad press about vaping in the US, it's good to have people who spread the truth about vaping.  :)

Welcome to Vapor Talk!

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