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Mixing Water In E Liquids?

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E-juices are the main part of vaping, which is useful to quit traditional smoking. E-juices are available in many flavors, you can choose according to your taste and need. You can also refill your vaping tank with new e-juice. But many people told us that sometimes they wake up at night in order to refill their tank, but suddenly they realize that they have only the last drop left. In addition to this, many consumers demonstrate that adding a bit of water into e-liquid can also give you the same feeling and taste.

In order to clarify this, you need to read this article, in which we are going to tell some important things and about is water harmful to e-juices.

Can water is responsible to ruin the e-juices?

Actually, only some drops of water cannot ruin your e-juice but if you are going to add more water then it can be. In addition, e-juice is already a liquid which is made of 4 more important ingredients such as as-:

  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Nicotine
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Flavoring

So, after knowing these ingredients there is no need to add water because e-liquid is already a water solvent.

Moreover, according to the vape store, you can simply add water to your e-liquid only then when you need to stretch it out. Or you find that the flavor is too strong. So, do not even try to add water unnecessarily.

What does happen if I add water to e-liquids?

If you add more water to your e-liquid then it will surely ruin your e-juice. Then you cannot able to enjoy the vaping because it might turn into useless. And do not even try to add a drop of water when you left with only a little amount of e-juice. It can completely ruin your e-juice which further do not give you any taste.

Can I add water to high VG e-liquids?

Yes, you can add water to high VG e-liquid but first talk to the owner of a vape shop. And VG is thicker than PG, and you can add some drops of water into it, but up to some extent. Because otherwise, it may be burned out, and you are unable to enjoy any taste.

You must always add a Flavor Boost

You should avoid adding water into your vape juice because it will ruin your e-juice. If you find that you are left with only some drops then you can add flavor boost after adding the few drops of water into your e-juice. In this, you are able to enjoy the e-juice flavor which gives you the right feeling.

In addition, if you really want to add water drops into your e-juice then you can go with distilled water instead of tap water. Because tap water contains so many impurities which can ruin your e-juice and also harm you. You can also get help from us if you are still in doubt, additionally, we are here in order to serve you the best service.

Please Provide me Revert on this Piece that I have written i am thinking about starting a blog for vape safety protocols.

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I know some that add Distilled water to the VG and then obviously use that VG in their DIY e-liquid rather than adding the water to the finished liquid!

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I mix my own juices, for a few years now I have been using 10% distilled water when mixing my 70%VG 20%flavor(PG), and 10% distilled water. I don't mix the water with the VG, I add the water to the final mixture. I find that by adding water it seems to wick better, and also the coils last a little longer.

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