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I am not familiar with the device you are using, but dual-battery mods operate batteries in series or parallel.   In series, you double the nominal Voltage capability from 3.7V to 7.4V, so if in series, exceeding 4.5V is perfectly fine.  If the batteries are in parallel, the voltage does not change from 3.7V (nominal) or 4.2V (max charge).  Batteries in parallel also double the Amp-load / discharge capability.  If you are using two 20A batteries in series, they still can only handle 20A load, but in parallel, the load handling capability doubles to 40A.  Make sense?

Your device shows 0.26 Ohms of resistance from the coil.  At 63W, that is only 15.5A.  If your batteries can only handle 15A, this could be why the device limits you to 63W?  It could be that you are in Temp-control mode, or have some other setting which is limiting the Wattage?  Honestly, I do not know the device or your current settings well enough to give a better answer than this....

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