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Hello.. Im. Kind of New vaper and im having an issue. Just got the Smok v8 stick and just unboxed and put a few drops of eliquid, wait about 15 min for the resientence to get wet with the esence and then use it. First small vape and then started to leak right where it shows at the picture in the air Flow entrance.. Went to the store, explained what happenned and they gave me a New one. Got home. Did the same.. And again.. Leaking.. Im loosing my mind.. Am I doing something wrong??  I usted to have a IStick Pico and never had that issue. 

Can somebody help me please 

(sorry if I made any mistake with my english.. Im trying to improve it) 



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From your picture it looks like your tank is empty. If you don't want to burn up all your coils, you might want to fill the tank with e-liquid. When you open the tank, double check to make sure your coil is tightened and it's not loose (don't over tighten or you'll have trouble getting it out to replace it later). Let the coil get saturated with e-liquid in the tank for about 10 minutes before vaping.

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