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Smok Prince Tank recommended watts for flavors?


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Hello everyone im new in this forum. Was just wondering if anybody here is using the new Smok Prince Tank.


I just want to know what will be the best coil (q4, x6 or t10) for the flavor and what watts would u recommend for each coil.


I know there is a recommended watts written in the coil but sometimes it doesn't work for my taste anywY i can taste burnt cotton at the end of my vape whenever i put it to a higher watts.


So right now I'm using Q4 which is 0.4 ohms hitting it around 50-55 watts. Just want to know whoever is using Prince tank here, what coil are u using and what watts are u on?


I'm more of a flavor vaper.


Thanks for any inputs.

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Smoke stick prince user, very satisfied.  I think using the right juice for sub ohm coils is important.  I buy 70% VG to 50/50 VG juices and my coils last a long time.  Great flavor and lots of vapor. IMO. Peace Roy

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