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Thoughts on RDTA's


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I'm going to be receiving a Geekvape Griffen 6.0ml RDTA soon. Anyone have any experience with it? This is my first RDTA, I've been using RDA'S but wanted to have a tank, less pulling out my juice to drip. I'll be combining it on a Sergelei FUCHAI 213W TC. So how do RDTA'S work? My buddy has one but it leaks at the bottom sometimes. Any thoughts or advice will be greatly appreciated.


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They work well.  I use a Griffin quite a bit.  Good flavor, good vapor.  Can be tricky to wick.  Easy to either get dry-ish hits or flooding/leaking.  Not much different than any other tank except of course you build the coils and wick it.  Not a lot different than building on a RDA with a little more attention to wicking.  

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