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  1. Good morning everyone! I was wondering, I have about 1 mL of 36mg e-juice. I was thinking of adding it to 120mL of 0mg e-juice. If I was to do this, how would I calculate the strength the 0mg would become?
  2. I am going to receive some Stainless Steel 20g wire today to build some coils. I'm used to using Kanthal wire. I usually do 5-6 wraps at 3mm. If I did the same with the Stainless Steel, what would be the ideal temperature or wattage to run it on? Should it be a higher wattage or temp with Stainless Steel?
  3. I've used Kanthal in my coil builds up to this point. My devices have TC on them and someone I was talking with hinted that Stainless works better for him. So I bought some 20g Stainless Steel wire to start building on that. I like my coil to be larger. 26 and 24 have been to small for my liking. 22 worked well. But decided to go with 20g. With the TC option for SS what is usually the ideal temp to run 6 wrap 3mm SS coils?
  4. Cool. Thanks Sent from my SM-G950K using The Vapor Talk mobile app
  5. I'm going to be receiving a Geekvape Griffen 6.0ml RDTA soon. Anyone have any experience with it? This is my first RDTA, I've been using RDA'S but wanted to have a tank, less pulling out my juice to drip. I'll be combining it on a Sergelei FUCHAI 213W TC. So how do RDTA'S work? My buddy has one but it leaks at the bottom sometimes. Any thoughts or advice will be greatly appreciated. Sent from my SM-G950K using The Vapor Talk mobile app
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