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Wismec Predator (Alien comparison)

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Not a full review by any means, but just thought I would share what I have noted. 

Almost identical in size to the Smok Alien.  Obviously in direct competition.  Unit is very solid.  Zero rattles etc.  Fire bar has zero movement beyond intended momentary switching.  Battery door has an excellent latch.  Very comfortable to use IMO.  Screen is a little harder to read than the Alien screen, but not difficult to read.  To me the menu system is a little cumbersome with some functions dependent upon  simultaneous pressing of fire bar and adjustment switches.  Preheat function is more robust as you can set initial wattage and initial time.  Alien is more simple to operate with preset H,M,L preheat selections.  Preheat on the Predator is smooth and functions well.   I picked up a black one and the paint job is excellent.  Works well with every tank and dripper I've put on it.  Haven't taken the time to play with the temp control yet, so I can't comment on that.  Nice stable  two 1860 series mod with a fire bar. 

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Ok, with a little time in with the predator, here's the rest of the story.   Dropped it once.  510 popped out.  Super Glued it back in.  Seems to be staying put.  Wasn't long and I noted it would stop firing mid vape as well as after sitting.  A know problem.  I read on line where juice will flow into the mod via the fire bar and 510 and clog up the fire switch as well as other things.  I took an air compressor to it.  Yup, juice came out.  Doesn't seem like the compressor did any damage although the way it functioned I'm not sure I cared.  At the moment it seems to be working pretty good again.  Oh, and I did try the temp control.  Worked for awhile and then lost it's little mind. 

The mod has left an impression.  Just not a positive one. 

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