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Throat problems

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I've been using my e-cig pretty exclusively since I got it on Thursday and now that I have this 'how to draw properly' thing down (thank you, Christopher!!), I am so enjoying it and haven't had any desire to smoke analogs. I just have one problem. I know from the 'symptoms' thread that I read that a sore throat is very common but just wondering if this is something that, in time, goes away? After I take about two draws, I can literally feel my throat swell up and took at look at it today and it was really red streaky looking. Obviously it doesn't like the PG or something. Anyway, I hate to think that I couldn't make my e-cig part of my life now just because of this but ... geez ... it is awful sore. For any of you that had this experience, is there some sort of time frame when this stops being such a problem? Thanks all!!

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Hmm I really get the feeling that the juice you are smoking is crap. Usually people don't get sore throats right after vaping, (at least not as bad as it sounds like you have) but rather when they wake up in the morning. The solution for this is to drink some water or gargle a bit of water. The nicotine can attach to your mucus cells and cause them to become irritated.

When I first started e smoking I remember I had a bit of throat irritation but I don't remember it being like you are describing now. If you feel it's the PG in the liquid you could always head over to http://www.johnsoncreeksmokejuice.com/ as they create liquid in both PG and non PG. :)

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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