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1 hour ago, Somewhat experienced said:

I have heard many things about this Mini RDA but im not sure what to get it in.  Three post or Four post and all that neat stuff..  Link is here because i'm not very experienced with this RDA. Please get back to me with your thoughts.  https://www.fasttech.com/products/3028/10012406/2270707

Well, what type of RDA do you use now?  Is it a 2 post, 3 post or 4 post?  Whichever it is, do you like it?  I started out on 4 post RDAs.  I never really got excited about any 3 post RDAs.  Now I tend to lean more toward 2 post designs for smaller RDAs because it provides a little more build room.  If it were me, I'd go for the v3 in copper and SS.  The copper for the look.  The deck is SS.  2 post design with two holes per post aligned vertically in each post and the grub screws are on the side.  Very easy to build on.

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40 minutes ago, Somewhat experienced said:

Right now I have a Three post but i have used 2, 3, and 4 post.  Pretty soon I'm going to try and Start making my own builds (coils).  Thank you again Adversarious1!!


Ahhh...almost sounds like you might be a victim of the FDA Deeming Regs, where you used to take your atty's to your local B&M to have them do builds for you and now your hand is being forced.  No worries there, though.  There are plenty of us who can help get you going in the right direction.  Don't hesitate to ask when you get ready to start doing your own builds.

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I have had two of the three post versions, both authentic. The flavor is pretty good due to the fact that it is a very small rda. The cons for me besides how small the build space is has to be the post holes are very small, you'd be lucky to get regular claptons in there (dual coil) or anything lower than 26g wire, maybe 24g comfortably I didn't and I tend to lean more towards the larger gauge round wire or the fatter fused claptons or aliens which will not work in this. Another gripe is that separate airflow control ring. It's just a janky design. But! It DOES have pretty good flavor lol

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