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Looking for a mech mod


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Welcome to Vapor Talk...

There is no such thing as a Mechanical "set" at any Wattage...  Wattage is determined by Ohm's Law... power of your battery (Voltage) and the resistance of your coil (Ohms).  To hit 80 Watts, you need 3.7V and a coil built to 0.17 Ohms... or 4.1V and a coil built to 0.21 Ohms. 

A MECHanical MOD is like a flashlight... ON or OFF... and it uses the full (available) power of the battery to energize the coil.

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A mech mod with a single 18650 battery will draw about 20 amps at 80 watts, so if you don't use a good 20A battery you may become a statistic. A 26650 battery has a higher amp ratting. Either way you would be much better off at 80 watts with a regulated mod. Most of the time someone blows themselves up is with a mech mod with too low of a coil resistance or a low amp drain battery.

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