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70/30 to 50/50

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More PG = more throat hit

More nicotine = more throat hit

More VG = less throat hit

So, when you went from 70 PG down to 50 PG, the throat hit lessened. You probably noticed that you get more vapor now? More VG = more vapor.  :)

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havent been checking the vapor that much but getting a more consistent throat hit, not has hard. almost feels perfect. might get a 60/40 and see how it feels, but the 70/30 just seemed to hit a little to hard. kept the same nicotine level, and it is menthol.

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Flavor can also have something to do with throat hit at times. Anything with menthol, mints, candy cinnamon, and some citrus seems to have more throat hit with same PG level than other flavors to me. Bakery flavors and some chocolates are the smoothest from my experience.  :) 

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