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So where are the NJ vape friendly places?

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Looking for vape friendly places in New Jersey. Also any one know of great local vape suppliers? Some smoke shops i been to do not even allow you to sample the flavors. Only good place i found so far is Flash Vapor. I also heard of a vape lounge on rt 23 up in Northern Nj, but have not been yet.

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Here's the one you probably heard about: The Vapor Room, 33 Munsonhurst road Franklin N.J. 07416. Just off RT 23.

drive another 20 minutes North and you will find My FAVORITE shop: Vapor City Plus 33 Loomis ave Sussex N.J. 07461.

they have about 100-150 different sample flavors you can try.. They will custom mix your juice, just for you one bottle at a time.

Can't get any fresher juice than that ! They are even developing a custom flavor for me..they are just awesome.

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