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Mod and battery question


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I recently purchased a sigelei 100w mod, it holds 2 18650 batteries, I had 3 that are 2000 mah and wanted one more so I could use 2 on charge while using 2,

When I bought the fourth battery its a 2100 mah my question is can I use a 2100mah and 2000 mah in my mod or will it cause issues?

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Is it a mechanical MOD?

And what brand of batteries are you using?

When using two batteries you should pair them. Same brand same mAh and always charge them at the same time. When you start mixing batteries in anything made for 2 batteries it will cause problems and even may cause it to blow up.

Bad Idea: A Sony VTC 4 2100mAh mixed with a EFest 2000mAh

Good Idea 2 VTC 4s in the device that were bought and used as a pair.

As far as using singles this is not an issue if your MOD is an APV. If your using them in a mechanical MOD you want to make sure your batteries are can handle the amp draw for your builds. If your builds are in the 1.2 or higher OHM range it is not as big of an issue. If you are doing sub OHM builds then you want quality batteries such as VTC4 or 5 or Panasonic.

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