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I would personnaly go for a magnet upgrade if youre already taking it apart. Ive found magnet rings before at kids toy stores and whatnot

Might aswell upgrade IMO

But if you like the feel of a spring and have the patience to make it then thats awesome! if no patience then maybe take apart a flashlight, seen some in there!

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Sorry bud, but a spring has to have some carbon in it. I don`t think a copper spring could be functional. Your stuck with spring steel pretty much. What you want is for both ends of the coil to have as much contact with the parts they act on as possible and still have it collapse in on itself without any binding, the more contact you can get at the ends the better the currant will flow. This is case where bigger would be better, as long as your trigger finger can handle it, and parts can fit.

The major problem with magnets is that they can lose the magnetic field after too many heating and cooling cycles, till they get useless or maybe even dangerous.

A good hardware store should have something that could be "pressed" into service. :?)


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