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Mech Mod questions


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I've recently been looking at some reviews and videos on mech mods as I've acquired some interest in them. Since I've been wanting to try mechanical mods and building my own coils, I went ahead and purchased myself a Smok Magneto as well as the Helios RDA (Clone of course), an 18500 IMR Efest battery and 28 gauge Kanthol. I was wondering what kind of coils (dual, quad, nano) would work with this set up so that I'm not melting anything or ruining my battery. I'm new to this and I was wondering if you guys had a set up that you could recommend with these items that I've purchased.

Thanks so much.

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First off, I don't see an ohm meter on that list and it should have been the first item. Secondly, I would highly suggest purchasing a Sony VTC4 or VTC5 18650 if you plan on doing sub-ohm builds.

With that being said. I normally prefer micro coils myself (wrapped on 5/64th drill bit) but it's all about experimenting and finding what you like. Just be sure to be safe!

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Oh, and with the battery you purchased I would not try anything below 1 ohm personally.

You need to read up on ohms law and understand what your doing before you attempt it. Certain batteries can only discharge a certain amount of amps without catastrophic failure. I believe an efest 18500 is rated at 10 or 11 amps but I'm not sure on that.

Do some more research on your equipment and GET AN OHM METER!

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