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Kanger Pro Tank

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So replaced protank with EVODD head... Wow...tightened up the draw BIG Time, fits tight. Thanks Tam... We need to meet! Castle rock vape meet in August ??

Castle Rock has a vape meet in August??? :)

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I don't do FB but if you have a link I have friends who do who also vape. More info would be appreciated, though.

Wonder if the meet will have more info on the Pro Tank and how to go around a few of the minor "issues" it has. See how I brought this around so we're not off topic anymore? :D

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My only issue is that's it's heavy, real heavy on a c twist. Switching heads to a EVOD 2.2 really made a big difference in draw.

Speaking of draw, they are having a drawing/raffle at

The Mile High Vape Fest ! Saturday August 17, 6-11p at

The Fowl Line Restaraunt, 774 Maleta Lane Castle Rock, CO 80108

Hosted by Annie Bananny

They invited some local and national vendors, they have done these in the past, but I haven't gone yet

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I didn't see a thread here about the Kanger Pro Tank, and was hoping we could have a single thread to discuss this bad boy.

My initial thoughts:


  • They are built like a tank (get it?)
  • I have yet to have one leak
  • Pyrex !
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to fill
  • Easy to clean
  • Super easy to see your juice level.
  • Comes in a nice case, with two atomizers and a collar thingy
  • Price (wont break your bank)


  • Airy draw (when will someone make a universal tip to go on top!!!!).
  • Heavy (im a ego-spinner battery kinda guy)

I have purchased five of them from Mt Baker for $22.95. I have seen them a smidgen cheaper, but often out of stock, and I tend to buy 85% of my juice from MBV.

Would love to hear other's thoughts, links on who carries them....sort of the be all end all thread for the product.

Fasttech has the kanger pro tank for about 12.00 no shipping charges I have one and it is great, took a week and a half for shipping from china but worth the wait. Also I am a ego spinner kind of lady. LOL

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