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Just Like A Real Menthol Cigarette

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I thought I'd never find it. I heard it said that you'll never find something that tastes exactly like a cigarette. Most Menthol e-liquids taste like an Altoid, a stick of gum of varying brands, or a mint tea. I've been through about 12. I got to the point where I gave up on the menthol and just wanted something that tastes like a regular tobacco cigarette (Another dozen of those). Desperate times.

Then, I got my order in from myfreedomsmokes.com.. about a dozen different regular tobaccos and menthols...

I used to smoke Misty Menthol 120s, or in a pinch, Virginia Slims 120s (menthol), and I really did enjoy the occasional Menthol Mores. Of course, I wasn't opposed to Newports or Kools (both in a box). When you quit, of course you get to the point where just about any cigarette will do... Would settle for anything. Even a "settle" vape would be Fine.

This is not settling.

After going through all of myfreedomsmokes menthols I found that Slim was pretty darned close to what I used to smoke.. Strong (non-altoid) menthol with a hint of tobacco (hasn't steeped fully)..

Being the perfectionist that I am, I wanted a stronger tobacco flavor.. going through the gambit of their Marlboro, Hilton, Dunhill,... I found.. Winston. Yeah, who knew?

I mixed both of these flavors in my 306 atty and there it was.. a Misty, a Virginia Slim, a More.....

All.. rolled.. into.. ONE.

A Decidedly tobacco flavor and the Perfect amount of Menthol. It was my cigarette... Better than my cigarette. They have VG, or a MIX. Just about doesn't matter. The Vapor is excellent, throat hit spot on. No menthol crystals needed, no extra anything. It almost doesn't matter how you mix it.. Add more Winston, you have a More. Add less Winston, you have a Misty. Do half and half, you have a Virginia Slim. The perfect flavor of a tobacco, the perfect menthol. No Bali Shag, no Turkish anything..

A Cigarette. No Frills, No Muss, No Fuss. A Cigarette.

Do I need it all day? No. Why? I didn't used to smoke All Day. (a pad)

Now what? I can now fully enjoy Vaping other flavors... as long as I can "AnaVape" when I need to. Vaping then just becomes this wonderful "comfort food". A hobby I can truly enjoy.

AnaVape. :)

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Doncha just luv that perfect vape?? I wanna find it! But I'm enjoying looking for it :yes

Yeah, I think I got a bit carried away there. lol! It is really exciting. Although I enjoyed a lot of other flavors, I just wanted that one vape that was at least somewhat similar to what I used to smoke. I honestly got to the point where I didn't think it was out there.. or even possible. Don't get me wrong, I have found some flavors like Cappuccino Diablo and Orange de Sangria and Limoncello and Bobas Bounty and Gorilla Juice and 555 and.. and.. and.. which I like, a few of those I don't even want to do without!

BUT.. I really needed that perfect blend of menthol and tobacco. I wish I had found that 3 months ago, but I'm so glad I've found it now. I just thought I'd share just in case someone else may be looking for it, too. :)

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