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I have been vaping now for 2 weeks and I have ordered e-liquid from a number of different sites. As a noob, even though I did quite a bit of research, I am just now coming to the realization that some e-liquids are not sweet at all (even though the flavor I ordered was a dessert flavor that should be sweet). I noticed some sites have a sweetener option you can select, but not most of the sites from what I can tell.

Aside from scouring each individual site to see if they add a sweetener (or perhaps the reviews), is there any way to tell whether or not a particular e-liquid will be sweet? Also, is one type of sweetener better or safer to use than another, and, if so, which one?


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Taste and sweetness is subjective. :) For me, it seems that most purchased juice is to sweet. LOL!

Anyhow, cotton candy flavoring works good as a sweetener. It's what I use in my DIY.


This works okay, but I like the cotton candy better:


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I only been vaping for a week, and I already given up on the ‘stock’ flavorings from different sites. While most are good, I find some are not strong enough or sweet enough. I love the sweet stuff. So I’m moving to DIY flavorings. Not only can you save $$, but you can create flavorings that’s you can’t buy any where by mixing stuff. You can also easily adjust the strength to your liking. (I feel this is a bigger advantage over saving $$ since juice is cheep anyways) I just received about 20 different flavors I ordered from DIYflavorshack.com today, and been experimenting all day.

I also ordered proly exactly what you are looking for. Its called Eythol Malto Sweetner. It will make any flavor even more sweet, and only a tiny tiny bit is needed. Below is the link.


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ohhhhh.. I did not know that.... lol, and now I do... :yes

I looked and looked for a pre-disolved Eythol Malto. LOL! Then I learned that Cotton Candy was Eythol Malto. It even says so on the site. :)

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