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  1. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the legalization of cannabis in some places around the world, many consumers have started using vaping products, whether for CBD oil, other forms of concentrated THC, or the dry herb itself. Out of the many ways of consuming cannabis, smoking the dry herb is the first one that comes to mind, and also the most common one among users. Though the research on vaping and long-term health effects are ongoing, it is generally believed to be a safer and healthier way than smoking. As many people have already made the switch from smoking to vaping, the v
  2. Although the popularity of evaporators continues to grow rapidly, knowledge of their best use is falling behind. We are all familiar with the old, tried and tested traditional methods of using marijuana, such as "banks," "pipes," "blunt objects" and "joints," but we are not fully aware of the benefits of using e-cigarettes. It is only in the last few years, as legalization and acceptance have increased, that we have seen such a huge increase in the popularity of evaporators. Through continuous laboratory testing and scientific research, the benefits of atomization are actually beginning to app
  3. Activity address:https://www.lookah.com/blog/lookah-online-mall-xmas-promotion-2020/
  4. Xmas, also known as Christmas, the Orthodox Church called the Nativity, is the Christian commemoration of the birth of Jesus. It is an important festival in the Christian liturgical calendar. Some denominations will prepare for it through the advent and Christmas Night, and continue to celebrate with the celebration of the eighth day and the liturgical festival. In the modern era Christmas has become the best time of the year for giving an reciving gifts, to bring some special thanks for friends, family and loved ones to make them happy on the important day. T
  5. Description for Unicorn Portable Electric Dab Rig The Lookah Unicorn is the next generation of e-rigs. This portable electric dab rig is the most efficient and enjoyable dabbing experience. Painstakingly designed and developed in house with revolutionary atomizer and magnetic connection. Concentrate connoisseurs will love its revolutionary design, which preserves the full flavor while being intuitive and easy to use for dabbing at home or on the go. A quick-connect percolator with twin vapor pathways direct from the quartz atomizer maintains good airflow for fuller f
  6. Black Friday 25% OFF Sitewide www.lookah.com Coupon LOOK25 Based on retail price excluding shipping. Starts 00:01 (PST), Friday 27th November 2020 - Ends 23:59 (PST), Sunday 29th November 2020. Not valid for Wholesale or Store accounts Doesn’t stack with other promotions
  7. Dab Cartridges & Wax Vape Pen 510 Cartridges 510 thread cartridges have become the standard for electric vaping pens. Sometimes called dab carts, cartridges, or vape tanks, they are critical components of your vaporizer pen, giving you a great way to enjoy smooth vaping of CBD concentrate, such as wax, with minimal effort. Dab carts are one of the easiest ways to smoke CBD oils. They offer an unprecedented level of convenience and discretion, which has taken vaping to new highs in the past decade. What Is A 510 Thread Cartridge? A 510 thread cartridge is a cont
  8. Vaping cannabis is a modern alternative to smoking joints. Vaporizing the cannabis is heating the dry herb flower material to a temperature below the combustion point. It produces a stream of vapor, which is sucked in through the mouthpiece. There are many different kinds of vapes used for this, but the most common ones these days are dry herb vape pens. Is smoking marijuana better than smoking cigarettes?" Better" is subjective. They are entirely different, so it depends on what you expect from the experience - but they can all do damage to your lungs! This is one reason that vapes or
  9. Description for Ice Cream Dry Herb Vaporizer The Ice Cream weed vaporizer is the first dry herb vaporizer from Lookah. It features a nano black ceramic heating element for a purer taste. Weed vaporizers are a smooth way to enjoy your marijuana without tearing up your throat. Because you vape below combustion temperatures, there's no smoke and very little smell making it the subtle way to enjoy your herb when out and about. The Ice Cream dry herb vaporizer pen has four preset temperatures ranging from 392F to 446F and has a preheat setting. The incremental tempe
  10. About LOOKAH Lookah is an online headshop offering premium design dab rigs, glass bongs & cool water pipes under our Lookah Glass and Tataoo Glass brands. Lookah original design glass bongs and our platinum range of water pipes are sure to impress dry herb smokers. If you're into wax and concentrates, then check out our unique dab rigs for sale. Tataoo glass are not like the cheap dab rigs for sale on Amazon. These are pieces of art in their own right and make a great addition to any collection. All our hand-blown works of art are created in house by skilled craftsme
  11. Description for Lookah Seahorse PRO 2020 Best Wax Pen & Dab Pen LOOKAH seahorse PRO is the second generation of seahorse dab pens. It looks like a mini electric nectar collector kit. Compared with the first generation Seahorse wax pen, the Seahorse PRO can be called a super-multiple dab pen. It is not only easy to clean, can fit all 510 cartridges, but also we supply accessories to fit all glass bongs and dab rigs. The dab coil for the seahorse PRO is not a ceramic one, it is a quartz coil that provides the best smooth taste for better healthier dabbi
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