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  1. Lookah have launched this brand new dab pen for 2021 the Seahorse 2.0 Our designers and engineers took all the feedback from the original Seahorse and set out to make the easiest most enjoyable and best value for money dap pen available in the market. And we think they've done a darn good job. The Seahorse 2.0 has a magnetic mouthpiece, so you can easily take it off and clean it separately with the include cleaning brush or a q-tip. The air path runs directly from the dab tip to the mouthpiece, so there's no hassle when it comes to cleaning, just dip the cleaning brush in some isopropyl alcohol and pass it through the air passage. Just remember to remove the coil first as using a brush on it can damage it. The tip cap is firmly held in place by a magnetic ring so when it's not in use the tip is well protected and the cap is unlikely to fall or get lost. As well as being compatible with the Seahorse quartz and Seahorse ceramic coils this vape pen works with the newest lookah coil which is a straw-like ceramic tube that's more durable and easier to use. With a reversible USB Type-C port for charging you don't have to worry about getting the cable the wrong way around and damaging the port so no matter how blazed you get charging it is a doddle. Like its predecessor, this vape pen has a manual and automatic mode, both of which can operate in 3 voltage modes 3.2V low, 3.6V medium, 4.1V high. The standard 510 thread fitting allows this vaporizer to be used with 510 cartridges as well as the Lookah dab tips. This versatile vape pen can be used with your water pipe as an e-nail, simply add some concentrate to the tip, insert the device mouthpiece first into your water pipe, and heat the tip by pressing the button to vape, with this method you can also use 510 vape cart or e-juice carts through with your water pipe as well. Specifications/Features 1) Battery: 650mah 2) Fast heating up 3) Compatible with 510 cartridges 4) Portable and compatible with bongs 5) 1 Device, Multiple uses. 6) Type-C Charging Port The Seahorse 2.0 Kit Contains 1x Seahorse 2.0 1x Magnetic Tip Cover 1x Seahorse Coil type III 1x Cleaning Brush 1x USB Cable
  2. The Seahorse X wax pen is the most versatile vape device Lookah has ever created. This multifunctional device is an Enail, dab pen, wax pen, and cart pen all in one. It even offers water filtration for smoother hits. This revolutionary design is a first for combining all the features of an electronic nectar collector with an enail and packages them in one superbly sleek design. To give better control of the vapor creation, the Seahorse X has a built-in airway valve that can be used as a carb cap on any of the formats. How To Use the Seahorse X Vape Pen A standard 5 button click turns the seahorse X on. Once the device is powered on, you can select one of the three output settings, which adjust the voltage from low, 3.2V, Medium, 3.6V, or High 4.1V. With the temperature set, you can choose from manual mode or session mode. The manual mode allows up to 20 seconds to continue heating. In contrast, the session mode performs a 15 second preheat then fires up for 30 seconds for multiple hits. The Wax Pen Setup The kit includes two cups that screw directly into the upper housing. The included glass mouthpiece or water bubbler can easily slide over the atomizer cup allowing the device to be used as a wax pen. If you have your own glass bubbler from similar wax pens, then there's a good chance it will work with the Seahorse X by using one of the two threaded attachments. This maximizes the Seahorse X wax pen compatibility with a range of third-party glass from other propriety devices. The Nectar Collector Setup With a 510 thread adapter, the Seahorse X can be used as a honey straw device connecting any of the three types of Seahorse coils of your choice: quartz tip, ceramic tip, or the new quartz tube. When used as a honey straw, the glass mouthpiece or water bubbler fits directly onto the lower end of the device. You can also directly attach the mouthpiece end to a water pipe or use the included whip and 14-18mm adapters. It comes with an all-new Lookah Seahorse type III coil. This new tip is an electrically heated nectar collecting tube made from two layers of quartz covering the coil. As the coil heats up, the tube will vaporize concentrates, turning them into vapor without creating any burnt taste. The Enail Setup In the enail setup, you can connect the Seahorse X in the wax layout directly to your water pipe. Just use the included 14mm joint connecter or attached the included whip and adapter to fit 14/18mm female joint pipes. If you're using the nectar collector layout, then the whip fits onto the lower end of the device with the joint connector or through the glass mouthpiece. Kit comes with 1 Seahorse X 1 Tip/Coil Cover 1 Seahorse Tube Tip 1 Seahorse Quartz Tip 1 Wax cup 1 Glass Mouthpiece 1 Glass Bubbler 2 Stand/Bases 1 Joint Connector 1 510 Thread Adapter 1 Dab Tool 1 Connection Hose 1 14/18mm Hose Adapter 1 User Manual 1 Cleaning Brush 1 USB Cable
  3. Many studies have shown that cannabidiol, or CBD, can relieve anxiety, insomnia, joint pain, and headaches, among other conditions. The effects of CBD oil can last a long time; the best results are achieved when taken at the right time of day. But when is the best time of day to take CBD oil? Well, the answer to this depends mainly on the symptoms or illness you are using it to treat. Fortunately, with a bit of thought, CBD oil can help you feel better almost every day. When should we use CBD oil to relieve insomnia? Suppose you're interested in using CBD oil to help with falling asleep or staying asleep. In that case, you'll obviously want to wait until closer to your bedtime to take it. However, it is essential not to wait until you are about to go to bed. You have to give the CBD oil time to absorb into your body and allow your endocannabinoid system to respond. Keep in mind that CBD oil isn't meant to make you instantly fall asleep. It is not a narcotic or anesthetic. Instead, CBD allows your own body to create the physiological environment that leads to sleep. Therefore, for best results, you should take CBD oil about an hour before you are scheduled to go to bed. This will allow your body to fully absorb it and promote natural, lasting peace. Setting a relaxing environment with the proper lighting or lack of in this case and maybe some soothing music can significantly aid when using CBD oil for insomnia. When is the best time to take CBD oil to relieve anxiety? On the other hand, you don't need to take CBD oil before bed if you're dealing with anxiety. Instead, you should try to consume it about an hour before you have to deal with a stressful situation. For example, if you struggle with social anxiety and plan to attend a party, take the CBD at least an hour before heading out. Perhaps you want to use CBD oil to help treat generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) symptoms. In this instance, your best solution may be to take it in the morning before leaving home for the day. Since CBD oils usually last about four to six hours, you may need to take an extra dose later in the day. The best time to take CBD oil for pain relief If you are taking CBD oil for body pain, you should always take it as needed. If your pain is chronic, daily use of CBD may relieve your pain. If you use CBD oil to treat acute problems, such as migraine, sudden gastrointestinal attacks, or short-term discomfort from an injury, only take it when symptoms are present. Suppose you have a chronic condition caused by inflammation, such as rheumatoid arthritis. In that case, you will need to develop a daily schedule that allows you to reap the endless benefits of CBD oil without unnecessary drowsiness. CBD is often beneficial for people who are dealing with persistent pain. In fact, it's the number one reason given by people who use it when treating an illness. However, you should not simply use it as a substitute for professional medical care. Discuss with your doctor how to integrate CBD into your overall treatment plan. There are also many different ways to consume CBD which should be considered. Now more than ever, medical professionals are aware of how helpful CBD can be as a tool in the pain relief toolbox. How often should CBD oil be taken? The effects of CBD oil usually last about four to six hours, although some people find it lasts longer. You can take more CBD overtime if necessary, but be aware of how you feel. While CBD oils aren't psychoactive, your personal body chemistry, including your endocannabinoid system, is unique, meaning that CBD oils can affect different people slightly differently. It's best to safely experiment with CBD oils at home until you find the program and dosage that works best for you. You may be interested in this article for more information on CBD dosage. If you spend a little time thinking and aren't afraid to consult a medical professional, you'll be able to find a schedule that suits your own CBD oil use. No matter what symptom or illness you are treating, maintaining a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle can help you recover. CBD oil offers the extra relief they've been looking for for many people, giving them a superior quality of life and helping them manage illness without being dependant on pharmaceuticals.
  4. Smoking out of a clean bong is one of the best ways to enjoy the full flavor of your cannabis, there are also plenty of health concerns to make cleaning your bong a no-brainer. But unless you clean your water pipe on a regular basis the buildup of gunk and resin can be a pain to remove. It used to be easy to buy some isopropyl alcohol to clean your bong, but that's been increasingly scarce this last year and commercial bong cleaner fluid isn’t an affordable alternative for many of us. So if you like smoking out of clean pipes and your bong is made from glass, here are some effective solutions that you can use to clean your bong without using alcohol. After all, you can’t always have alcohol around to clean your bong, so it helps to have other options on hand to try. How To Clean Your Bong Without Alcohol Rinse Your Bong Under The Sink First up, we have a super basic cleaning method for you. Simply turn on the hot water faucet on your sink and make sure to fasten the down stem so you won’t have to remove it. Keep pouring hot water into the bong until it overflows. Let it sit there for about 2 to 3 minutes and while this takes quite a lot of hot water, it works amazingly when you don’t have alcohol. Afterward, simply pour out the water, swish it around a little, and then rinse it through again. This will help to remove the tar out of the down stem while cleaning the walls of the bong as well. Follow up by cleaning off the side of the walls with some vinegar and salt. Shake the bong hard and then rinse it with hot water on the tap, allowing it to overflow out of the stem. Be sure to avoid filling your bong with cold water afterward as it might cause thermal contraction and result in the bong cracking as the differences in heat can cause the glass to expand and contract quickly. Disclaimer: Rinsing your bong like this will leave your sink very dirty, so get ready for cleanup afterward. Alternatively, use a mop sink from your laundry room that you won’t mind getting dirty. Either way, make sure to clean your sink thoroughly after use, especially if you use your kitchen sink. Use Dishwasher Soap Open the hot water on your tap and let it get to scalding hot before you rinse out the bong. Pour two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid into your bong and fill it up so that it’s not bubbling up out of control. Keep filling it up with water until the original dish soap is completely dissolved and there are no longer any bubbles. Put dishwashing tablets to soak for 10 to 15 minutes so they may get to work. Give your water pipe a quick rinse afterward with clean water followed by a solution of baking soda and water at a ratio of 1 to 4 respectively. Shake it around so that the aggregate can help remove the last of any remaining residue. Rinse your bong again with clean warm water inside and then take a piece of towel, twist it around and push it through to clean the inside of the down stem. This should leave you with a clean, fresh bong that’s ready for your next toke. Use Powder Soap Start by removing the old bong water and rinse out the down stem. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands since you’ll be using super-hot water to clean your bong. Pour the powder soap first into the bong and down the stem as well. Follow that up with some hot water making sure to fill up the whole bong. Shake vigorously for about 10 seconds, add a little bit more water to top it off before you leave it to soak, and break down all of the little particles and gunk on the sides. It’ll take more time to clean a really dirty bong and the type of soap you have will also play a role in how effective it is as soap with tiny cleaning beads will be more effective than soap without. Pro tip! Use a small bottle cleaning brush or an old toothbrush to get into the down stem and clean the bong internally to remove any stubborn gunk. Rinse it one more time after that and Bob’s your uncle! To Wrap Up As you can see, nothing beats good old hot water when it comes to cleaning your bong and you don’t necessarily need to use alcohol all the time. After a few good rinses, you’re going to be left with a sparkling clean bong so you can enjoy the full nootropic effects of your cannabis, unadulterated by gunk from previous tokes. Cleaning without using alcohol and soap is also useful if you would like to reuse the wax residue from your dab rig. Happy 420!
  5. The Design I recently had the pleasure of testing out the new Unicorn Dab Rig from Lookah. This sweet little rig is a portable water-cooled device with a magnetic connection. It looks cool, but how well does it work? Let’s dive in and see, shall we? The Lookah Unicorn is a beauty of engineering consisting of 3 main parts: The base, the atomizer coil, and the water-cooling percolator. The base of the unit houses a 1900mAh rechargeable battery and a singular button that functions as a power switch and the means to cycle through the three heat settings. Ease of Use The Unicorn is switched on by pressing the power button 5 times in quick successions, like many standard wax and oil pens. Double-clicking the button cycles through low 3.3V (green), medium 3.6V (blue), and high 4.2V (white) temperature modes. Three clicks start the preheat, indicated by a flashing LED ring and two vibrations. The preheat takes about 30 seconds. Once heated to the set temperature, you can enjoy up to 60 seconds worth of dabbing. Keeping it Cool The Unicorn horn-shaped borosilicate glass bubbler attaches to the base by way of a strong magnet. It snaps firmly into place and will not come off accidentally (unless you were to drop it). The water tower is easy to fill and to empty. The optional silicone mouthpiece tip (included) helps prevent spillage from the glass percolator. I found that about an inch of water in the cooler is sufficient to cool the vapor without sucking water into your mouth. The twin vapor pathways direct from the quartz atomizer maintain a smooth and voluminous airflow for full flavor vaping. The All-Important Atomizer The Unicorn comes with 2 different atomizers. The pure quartz cup coil atomizer features a replaceable quartz basket for amazing flavor. The second included coil is called The “Hive Coil” and features a radically different design. This coil is made of ceramic with 3 separate heating elements creating super-fast and flavorful vaporization of your concentrates. One of the coolest features is also the simplest one: a silicone cap that covers the coil when not in use, keeping the majority of the aroma at bay and allowing you to keep it loaded with your favorite concentrate without any chance of spilling. Both of the long-lasting coils screw in and are easily replaceable. This article from the: https://www.mediblereview.com/...
  6. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the legalization of cannabis in some places around the world, many consumers have started using vaping products, whether for CBD oil, other forms of concentrated THC, or the dry herb itself. Out of the many ways of consuming cannabis, smoking the dry herb is the first one that comes to mind, and also the most common one among users. Though the research on vaping and long-term health effects are ongoing, it is generally believed to be a safer and healthier way than smoking. As many people have already made the switch from smoking to vaping, the vaporizers are now becoming popular among cannabis consumers. One of them is the ICE CREAM vaporizer from LOOKAH. It is a dry herb only vaporizer, featuring a nano black ceramic heating element that helps obtaining a purer, fresher taste from your weed. It is a safer, smoother way to enjoy your cannabis without bothering your throat in any way, like smoking does, because of the below-combustion temperatures, producing no smoke, and close to no smell at all, making it a very subtle way to enjoy your sessions. Its 115x35x38.2mm size and weighing only 75g makes it a discrete sexy little tool and it’s easy to take almost anywhere for your vaping sessions on the go, its 950mAh battery lasting for dozens of flavorsome hits when fully charged with the included micro USB cable. It has four preset temperatures ranging from 392F (200°C) to 446F (230°C), and it has a preheat setting. There is no LCD screen, which is usually unnecessary in the case of simple vaporizers and can drain the battery. The added temperature settings are indicated by a LED light and set by double-tapping the power button. Being a conduction vaporizer helps vaporizing the bud and unleashes all the cannabinoids and terpenes without scorching the flower and damaging the taste. The first thing that stood out when using the ICE CREAM vaporizer was the quick heat up time. It takes only a couple of seconds. What’t in the box 1x ICE CREAM vaporizer 1x USB Cable 1x Dab Tool 1x User Manual The Ice Cream pen is available in a variety of colors for your own choice: Black, Blue, Grey, Orange and Red. It contains a built-in 950mAh battery, a magnetic mouthpiece, a fine mesh, a silicon stopper, a nano ceramic heating chamber and a portable cleaning tool found next to the micro USB port at the bottom. Surprisingly, the battery is pretty good when is fully charged. However, higher settings drain the battery much faster though. How to use the LOOKAH ICE CREAM vaporizer Using the ICE CREAM is a mere case of common sense. Before using ensure the heating chamber is clean. If this is your first time using a brand new vaporizer, then cycle through the heat cycles at the highest temperature setting before loading your fist lot of cannabis. Then, grind your herb to a relatively fine consistency. Lightly pack the heating chamber with your dry herb. Be sure to pack it evenly. Select the temperature, then wait for the device to heat up. As soon as it reaches the desired temperature, you can take gentle puffs from the mouthpiece. After the weed decarbs, you can get more hits. You can adjust the temperature setting to release and consume the cannabinoids. The instructions are as follows: Open the magnetic mouthpiece, load the herb into the nano-ceramic chamber. Press the button 5 times in 2 seconds to turn on, when the device is ready, it will vibrate. Once turned on, the device will start to preheat to the set temperature. The LED will flash the corresponding color of the set temperature when the set temperature is reached. The working time is 240 seconds. After this, the indicator light flashes 3 times before the device vibrates and powers off automatically. Set the temperature. Press the button once to switch temperature during operation: Green – Blue – Purple – White. The four temperature settings are as follows: Low – Green – 392F (200°C) – Getting started: Low temp, less vapor, rich flavor and plenty of terpenes, good for first hits in the fresh chamber. Medium Low – Blue – 410F (210°C) – Lightly toasted: Smooth taste, slightly hotter vapor and a good level of THC release, pleasant euphoria. Medium High – Purple- 428F (220°C) – Half baked: Smooth and more robust vapor, slight flavor loss, suitable for the end of a session, relaxing euphoria. High – White – 446F (230°C) – Fully baked: Maximum vapor, high terpenes and flavor depletion, maximum THC volatilization, intense euphoria, some lethargy, suitable for experienced users or for when you want to really blast off. Turn off. To turn off while still working, press the power button 5 times within 2 seconds and the indicator will flash 6 times before the device vibrates. It might be the most elegant and the sturdiest vaporizer under the sun. The affordable price, the smooth and discreet design, its ease of use and the amazing flavor obtained from your herb make the Ice Cream vape a preferable option, whether it’s pleasure, therapeutic relief or treatment you’re seeking. Indoor or outdoor, recreational or medicinal use, this dry herb pen can be just the tool you need to make your vaping sessions both pleasant and fun, improving your psychological state and relaxing your body, helping you get through the day with a natural smile on your face. Where to buy it The best place to buy the Ice Cream dry herb vaporizer is from Lookah website. Let everyone know what you think about this dry herb vaporizer in the comments section below!
  7. Although the popularity of evaporators continues to grow rapidly, knowledge of their best use is falling behind. We are all familiar with the old, tried and tested traditional methods of using marijuana, such as "banks," "pipes," "blunt objects" and "joints," but we are not fully aware of the benefits of using e-cigarettes. It is only in the last few years, as legalization and acceptance have increased, that we have seen such a huge increase in the popularity of evaporators. Through continuous laboratory testing and scientific research, the benefits of atomization are actually beginning to appear more and more frequently. Considered much healthier than smoking, it's no surprise to see the VAPE market grow at such a rate. By removing burning elements from the process, we can prevent a variety of carcinogens and toxins from entering the body. Carcinogens are toxins that are directly related to the growth of cancer cells. Marijuana smoke contains large amounts of these carcinogens, which are unavoidable when inhaled. Rather than using combustion to release the active ingredients in the cannabis, Vaping causes the material to boiling, producing vapors rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. As cannabis becomes more accepted as modern medicine, the healthiest way to obtain its active ingredient must be found. Although not entirely healthy, Vaping is certainly a viable alternative to smoking. With VAPing, we have little control over what happens after smoking, and with the help of Vaping, you can change the temperature with the click of a button. In this article, we will learn more about evaporation temperatures, evaporation techniques, and evaporators to ensure that you always get the best results from your Vape experience. Convection and conductivity At present, two main heating technologies are used in evaporators, namely convection, and conduction. Convection works by heating the air in the room where the marijuana is located, essentially creating an oven effect. Conduction, on the other hand, occurs through direct contact with ground weeds that are atomized. It's well known that convection can produce more flavor, and conduction can produce the really dense clouds we crave. There are many evaporators on the market that claim to mix the two forms of heating as a hybrid evaporator. These evaporators are usually mostly one of them, but vapes such as Storz & Bickel's Crafty and Arizer's Air II undoubtedly set the standard for using steam produced by mixed heating. Evaporation temperature Each evaporation temperature produces a different result. Lower temperatures aggravate the taste, while higher temperatures produce thicker clouds. It's up to you to decide which happy media you like. Personal preferences play an integral role in selecting the best temperature range for you. Higher temperatures sometimes produce irritating superheated vapors, while lower temperatures usually lack vapor density. I recommend using a medium to high temperature (say 185 ° C) to ensure that all active ingredients are completely evaporated while also protecting the flavor. Marijuana has many active ingredients that evaporate at different temperatures. THC - 157 ℃ CBD - 160-180 ℃ Delta - 8 - THC - 175 ℃ Cubic boron nitride -185℃ CBC - 220 ℃ THCV - 220 ℃ Atomization techniques and skills To get the best results for your evaporator, a slow, exaggerated To breathe in is recommended. By using a longer drawn fork, we can keep the device at its set temperature. It also counteracts any tension and ensures the highest quality of flavor and steam. When the best steam is produced, most evaporators require extremely fine grinding. However, some don't need as much attention. Read your evaporator and its trends carefully, and learn how to perfect it. There are countless comments and walk-through videos on the Internet, so use them. To ensure the service life and availability of equipment, an important technique is to keep the equipment clean. Keep your Vape clean and operational for two minutes after each lesson. conclusion There are many factors that affect the final evaporation temperature. The list of carburetors you're using, how you're using them, things that are vaporizing, goes on and on. The hard part is figuring out your personal preferences. Personally, I found that 185 ° C was perfect for what I wanted to achieve, flavor, and dense steam. Play with your unit and find the one that suits you best.
  8. Activity address:https://www.lookah.com/blog/lookah-online-mall-xmas-promotion-2020/
  9. Xmas, also known as Christmas, the Orthodox Church called the Nativity, is the Christian commemoration of the birth of Jesus. It is an important festival in the Christian liturgical calendar. Some denominations will prepare for it through the advent and Christmas Night, and continue to celebrate with the celebration of the eighth day and the liturgical festival. In the modern era Christmas has become the best time of the year for giving an reciving gifts, to bring some special thanks for friends, family and loved ones to make them happy on the important day. This Christmas, LOOKAH wants to help you celebrate by offering 17 days of fantastic deals in the runup to Christmas by offering 15% off with the code JOLLY15 Xmas Promotion 2020 15% Off Cart Based on retail price excluding shipping. Registered customer accounts only Coupon: JOLLY15 Starts 0:01 (PST) 10th December Ends 23:59 (PST) 26th December
  10. Description for Unicorn Portable Electric Dab Rig The Lookah Unicorn is the next generation of e-rigs. This portable electric dab rig is the most efficient and enjoyable dabbing experience. Painstakingly designed and developed in house with revolutionary atomizer and magnetic connection. Concentrate connoisseurs will love its revolutionary design, which preserves the full flavor while being intuitive and easy to use for dabbing at home or on the go. A quick-connect percolator with twin vapor pathways direct from the quartz atomizer maintains good airflow for fuller flavor vaping. This e-rig uses a porous quartz core in a ceramic cup resulting in fast heat-up times and the purest flavor; compared to the 3 minute heating and cooling process with a traditional dab rig and torch, the Unicorn e-rig heats up in mear seconds. The higher efficiency of the quartz core atomizer gets the most from the 1900mAh battery. This allows you to take loads of dabs from a full charge. With three coils evenly spaced across the core, the even heat distribution ensures good vaporization of your concentrate, maximizing the vapor produced. Quartz also preserves a pure taste so you won't lose any terpenes and flavonoids; the results are rich full-flavor vapor with every hit. The Unicorn electric rig has a LED light ring around the power button; this discreet light provides battery and heat cycle information as needed. The haptic feedback keeps timing on point, alerting you when the preheat and auto heating cycles are ready, ensuring a perfect hit. The replaceable glass cone from where the Lookah Unicorn gets its name sits snugly in a silicone dish. The water cone is made from thick borosilicate glass. This percolator filters the vapor allowing you to take massive rips. A silicon mouthpiece tip helps prevent spillage from the glass percolator. The Unicorn's top and bottom are held in place by a powerful magnet providing a convenient and elegant solution to loading the cup. With three temperature settings, a preheat automatic mode, and on-demand heating, you can dab whichever way suits your needs. The Unicorn electric wax rig is switched on by pressing the power button five (5) times in quick succession. From there, it's easy to set the temperature with a double click, cycling through low 3.3V (green), medium 3.6V (blue), and high 4.2V (white) temperature modes. Three clicks start the preheat and an automatic mode, indicated with a flashing LED and two (2) vibrations. Once heated to the set temperature, you can enjoy up to 60s worth of dabbing. Features Revolutionary Magnetic Connection Quick Connect Percolators with Airflow Control RGB Light Information and Haptic Feedback Built-in Over Voltage and Short Circuit Protection Easy to Clean Design Kit Comes With 1 Unicorn Electric Dab Rig Base 1 Magnetic Top with Unicorn Glass Percoloator 1 Mouthpiece Tip Stopper 2 Atomizer Coils 1 Dab Tool 1 Cleaning Brush 1 USB Cable 1 User Manual
  11. Black Friday 25% OFF Sitewide www.lookah.com Coupon LOOK25 Based on retail price excluding shipping. Starts 00:01 (PST), Friday 27th November 2020 - Ends 23:59 (PST), Sunday 29th November 2020. Not valid for Wholesale or Store accounts Doesn’t stack with other promotions
  12. Dab Cartridges & Wax Vape Pen 510 Cartridges 510 thread cartridges have become the standard for electric vaping pens. Sometimes called dab carts, cartridges, or vape tanks, they are critical components of your vaporizer pen, giving you a great way to enjoy smooth vaping of CBD concentrate, such as wax, with minimal effort. Dab carts are one of the easiest ways to smoke CBD oils. They offer an unprecedented level of convenience and discretion, which has taken vaping to new highs in the past decade. What Is A 510 Thread Cartridge? A 510 thread cartridge is a container with a mouthpiece and heating element that can be filled with concentrated cannabis extracts such as wax or oil. It fits onto any 510 thread batteries allowing you to vaporize the CBD concentrate through the heated coil. All the Lookah 510 cartridge/coil packs on this page use quartz coils. These coils can be used for wax and other CBD concentrates such as shatter, budder, live resin, terp sauce, and more. There are four options, each with a different color pack for easy identification. Each pack comes with 1 tip and 4 coils. A-model Dab carts (Red): 1 x tip+ 4 x Tunnel quartz coils B-model Dab carts (Green):1 x tip + 4 x Column quartz coils C-model Dab carts (Yellow) :1 x tip +4 x Flat quartz coils D-model Dab carts (Blue):1 x tip + 4 x Double quartz rod coils Or you can choose a mixed pack which includes one of each coil and a single tip. All the coils offer 1.2 Ohms resistance. They each have a slightly different coil design. So you can choose the one that tastes best for your concentrate. How do Dab Carts Work? A dab pen cartridge or vape tank connects to the battery component of your vaporizer. The most common size fitting is a 510 thread, hence why these are often called 510 cartridges. Once connected, the battery provides electricity to an atomizer/coil in the cartridge. This will heat the wax or oil to the correct temperature to turn it into vapor. This vapor is then inhaled through the mouthpiece. Advantages of a Dab Cart There are two main reasons people use vape pens. Firstly, as there is little to no smelly smoke, you can vape inconspicuously. Secondly, vape pens are small and compact, perfectly portable, allowing you to vape almost anywhere. Thirdly, dab cartridges (dab carts for short) often come as a sealed unit. The brings excellent convenience. It's a hassle-free way to vape as you screw it onto your 510 battery, and you're good to go. It really couldn't be any simpler than that. Using CBD cartridges to vaporize wax or oil can result in a better flavor. When vaping, you can taste terpenes, and the fuller flavor profile is an additional advantage of using CBD cartridges. There are two different kinds of 510 thread cartridge: prefilled cartridges and refillable cartridges. Refillable vape cartridges offer a cost-effective way to vape your own concentrates, such as wax. They fit any 510 thread battery, although its best to use one which allows you to adjust the temperature. With more control, you can specify the temperature you would like to vaporize in degrees, fully optimizing the experience and setting the best temp for your concentration. While effortless, prefilled cartridges will start to add up costing more than refillable cartridges in the long run. However, they are hassle-free and a great way to dip a toe into the dab carts before investing in more specific equipment. If you start with a good 510 battery, you can easily upgrade to refillable cartridges once you're ready. What to Look for in a Refillable Cartridge? Wax Tanks can vary in capacity, which will affect the actual fill capacity limiting how much sab or concentrates you can load in each fill. Different materials like quartz, ceramic, silica, titanium, nickel, and kenthol affect your vaporized concentrate's flavor profile. These different materials will also influence the peak volts or watts you can power them with. This, in turn, will limit the size of the rip you can get.
  13. Vaping cannabis is a modern alternative to smoking joints. Vaporizing the cannabis is heating the dry herb flower material to a temperature below the combustion point. It produces a stream of vapor, which is sucked in through the mouthpiece. There are many different kinds of vapes used for this, but the most common ones these days are dry herb vape pens. Is smoking marijuana better than smoking cigarettes?" Better" is subjective. They are entirely different, so it depends on what you expect from the experience - but they can all do damage to your lungs! This is one reason that vapes or "vaporization" of marijuana have become increasingly popular over the past few years. But what's vaping, and is it safe? Credit for photo https://coloradocannabistours.com Which is Less Harmful? Based on the available evidence, smoking joints seems to be more harmful than vaping. However, that does not mean vaping isn't without some risk. People who atomize marijuana with vapes believe it has health benefits and finds it safer and less harmful than smoking joints. Besides, cannabis vapes are designed explicitly for inhalation and are free of deleterious tobacco-toxins. But what do the researchers say? Will vaping reduce the intake of potentially harmful toxins such as tar and carcinogens found in marijuana joints? From the few studies done over the years on the vaporization of marijuana, they all conclude that the same thing. That vaporization does produce fewer carcinogenic compounds than smoking marijuana. Although cannabis smoke is often thought of as less toxic than cigarette smoke, both share many carcinogens. A 2007 report in science daily showed that "marijuana smoke contains significantly higher levels of several toxic compounds -- including ammonia and hydrogen cyanide -- than tobacco smoke." So it is logical to assume that it can cause similar lung and respiratory problems. One of the first studies to compare smoking with vaporization, based on self-reported symptoms of smoking, showed less effect on breathing through atomization. Advantages of Vaping The most obvious reason to consider vaping over smoking is healthy, but there are other added benefits. Vaporized cannabis allows you to taste different varieties of cannabis and control the temperature, its generally more conveniently and more discreet than smoking. More pronounced taste: vapor usually produces a more pronounced flavor than smoking. You can get a better taste of the terpenes and cannabinoids of each strain, and smoking kills the taste and nuance of each strain. Temperature control: Most weed vaporizers have adjustable temperature settings that let you control the temperature throughout the process. Finding the optimal temperature for smoking pot requires trial and error, but it can produce a range of effects, from mild and uplifting to a more intense euphoric experience. It's safer than smoking: vaping is better for your health, according to current research, and you don't need an open flame. If you are health-conscious but want to hit some herbs, it is easy to switch to vaping. No lighters/matches: vapes don't need an external heat source, so you'll never get caught in the out without a lighter, and additionally, there's no risk of burning yourself or anything else for that matter. Discreet: One of the great attractions of vaping marijuana is that it doesn't produce as much odor. If you vape at lower temperatures, then the vapor smells much less than smoke, so if you want to avoid drawing attention to yourself, then using them is a wise choice. The Disadvantage of Vaping There is limited data on the long-term effects of vaping because it is still relatively new. Vaping is still putting something into your body, and that does have risks: There have been several reports that vaping may have long term health risks and damage the lungs, but it is still unknown yet. This is why in 2019, health authorities started investigating if an outbreak of severe lung disease could be associated with e-cigarettes and other vaping products. This was later linked to an additive in some THC-containing e-cigarette or vaping products. However, dry herb vaporizers were not related to this. When your vaping free radicals are released into the body, these can promote the development of cancer. Weaken the immune system. Delay brain development in fetuses, children, and adolescents. Future research may show that vaping can have other long-term health effects that scientists have yet to discover. Some have also reported exploding batteries due to faulty batteries, but many of these were in inferior products not made well. Advantages of Smoking The main benefit of smoking compared to vape is that it usually has a more powerful overall effect. Nor does smoking require much investment. Plus, the whole smoking ritual can be addictive -- roll up a joint or pack some herb in your favorite glass bong, which is another reason why some people still smoke the old-fashioned way. Finally, smoking is relatively inexpensive to maintain, and it's easy to roll up your joint or a cigarette, and its the most portable way to smoke. No investment required: Smoking does not require an up-front investment unless you are buying a large glass bong. It is much cheaper to buy some cigarette paper, and all you need is that your weed a roach, and a lighter. It doesn't get much more straightforward. Smoking is a ritual: the whole process of rolling, packaging, and smoking can almost become a ritual. For some people, breaking this routine can be difficult. No learning curve: Smoking is accessible and doesn't require a lot of practice. Anyone can light a joint or bowl. Vaping weed can be a little trial and error. Finding which temperature is best for the different strains of herb you want to hit requires some time investment to acquire the experience and knowledge. Low maintenance costs: Pipes or vape require some routine maintenance, such as cleaning. On the other hand, in addition to having to roll joints, the maintenance cost of the joints is relatively low. If you forget to recharge it and run out of power, your vape is useless. The Disadvantage of Smoking In the long run, smoking will do a lot of harm to the body: Reduce sperm count Increased risk in pregnant women that their child could have a congenital disability Increases the risk of cataracts Impairs immune system function Exacerbating systemic inflammation It can cause cancer in almost any part of the body, including the lungs, kidneys, and stomach Trigger an asthma attack Causes obstruction of veins and arteries Increases the risk of stroke Reduces a person's overall health, which can lead to other compounded medical issues. Is Vaping Weed Better Than Smoking? "Better" is very subjective, but the majority of studies would indicate it does less harm. For example, if you're looking for a safer, more discreet way to smoke, or if you're a medical marijuana patient, it might be for you. But smoking is the cheapest way to do it. Just keep in mind the downside that comes with it. The choice is yours, but every smoker should at least try vaping to see if they like it. The difference between smoking marijuana and smoking vaping marijuana can be huge. With a good vape, the taste will be more mellow, with different varieties of taste more noticeable. Terpene connoisseurs who start using vapes will find it hard to return to putting their precious buds in joint instead of enjoying every drop of flavor.
  14. Description for Ice Cream Dry Herb Vaporizer The Ice Cream weed vaporizer is the first dry herb vaporizer from Lookah. It features a nano black ceramic heating element for a purer taste. Weed vaporizers are a smooth way to enjoy your marijuana without tearing up your throat. Because you vape below combustion temperatures, there's no smoke and very little smell making it the subtle way to enjoy your herb when out and about. The Ice Cream dry herb vaporizer pen has four preset temperatures ranging from 392F to 446F and has a preheat setting. The incremental temperature settings are denoted by an LED light and set by double-tapping the power button. This conduction vaporizer allows you to vape your bud and release all the cannabinoids and terpenes without scorching the flower and ruining the flavor. At just 115x35x38.2mm and weighing only 75g, its easy to take almost anywhere for discrete vaping on the go. You'll enjoy dozens of flavorsome hits when the 950mAh battery is fully charged, which is easily done via the included micro USB lead. The temperature settings: Level 1:Green-392F ( GETTING STARTED: Low temperature with less vapor, plenty of terpenes and rich flavor, suitable for first hits on the fresh chamber of flower and flavor chasers) Level 2: Blue-410F (LIGHTLY TOASTED: Good and smooth taste, slightly hotter vapor with a good level of THC release, pleasant euphoria) Level 3: Purple-428F (HALF BAKED: Smooth and more robust vapor, slight flavor loss, suitable towards the end of a session, relaxing euphoria) Level 4: White-446F (FULLY BAKED: Maximum vapor production, but high terpenes and flavor depletion, maximum THC volatilization, intense euphoria, some lethargy, suitable for experienced users or for when you want to really blast off)
  15. About LOOKAH Lookah is an online headshop offering premium design dab rigs, glass bongs & cool water pipes under our Lookah Glass and Tataoo Glass brands. Lookah original design glass bongs and our platinum range of water pipes are sure to impress dry herb smokers. If you're into wax and concentrates, then check out our unique dab rigs for sale. Tataoo glass are not like the cheap dab rigs for sale on Amazon. These are pieces of art in their own right and make a great addition to any collection. All our hand-blown works of art are created in house by skilled craftsmen. If you want to vape on the go then we have a growing range of dry herb vaporizers, dab pens & wax pipes and electronic nectar collectors for a more portable smoking experience.
  16. Description for Lookah Seahorse PRO 2020 Best Wax Pen & Dab Pen LOOKAH seahorse PRO is the second generation of seahorse dab pens. It looks like a mini electric nectar collector kit. Compared with the first generation Seahorse wax pen, the Seahorse PRO can be called a super-multiple dab pen. It is not only easy to clean, can fit all 510 cartridges, but also we supply accessories to fit all glass bongs and dab rigs. The dab coil for the seahorse PRO is not a ceramic one, it is a quartz coil that provides the best smooth taste for better healthier dabbing. You can buy replaceable coils which are for sale separately on our site. The dab device is powered by a 3.7-volt rechargeable battery(650mah). The dab battery it is not only a 510 thread battery variable voltage, so you can change the voltage between 3.2v, 3.6v, 4.1v, but also can switch between manual mode and automatic mode. The glass mouth-pipe means can see the wax vape while you are dabbing. It looks really cool and is easy to clean which means you can maintain an awesome taste for every session. When dabbing with the Seahorse Pro you just need to set your desired heat and then place a small amount of wax or concentrate on the tip. Don’t push the tip onto a hard surface as the delicate quartz coil could easily be damaged. The heat of the coil will vaporize your concentrate and this can be inhaled through the mouthpiece. You can use the seahorse pro with a glass water pipe for smooth cooler hits. Use the supplied pipe kit and silicone tube, by connecting the mouthpiece of the pipe to your water rig the dab pen doubles as an enail. Letting you dab with he pen and pass the vaporized concentrate through a water pipe before inhaling. If you want to use the Seahorse Pro with oil carts then simply unscrew the quartz tip and screw on any 510 cartridges. This can be smoked from either end of the Seahorse pro. With multiple ways to smoke, the Seahorse Pro dab pen offers a good improvement over the Seahorse taking its award-winning design and ease of use to the next level.
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